June 20th, 21st, & 22nd, 2003Frogtown, Angels Camp, California, U.S.A.
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2003 Performers


Capleton &
Special Guest
Yami Bolo


Stone Love


Lost At Last
Hamsa Lila


The Wailers
Barrington Levy
Pablo Moses
Sister Carol
Leroy Sibbles
Johnny Clarke
Mikey Dread
Fully Fullwood Band


Stur-Gav HiFi w/
Brigadier Jerry
Mighty Crown


Medicine Drum
BrazilBeat Sound System


Prince Buster
Pato Banton
Warrior King
Twinkle Bros w/
Della Grant

Peter Rowan
Big Mountain


B-Side Players
Soul Majestic
Alma Melodiosa
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Late show till 3am for 3-day ticket holders
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Late show till 3am for 3-day ticket holders
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Press Pass

Brigadier Jerry

Robert Russell aka Brigadier Jerry will be making his debut appearance at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in his native element: late night in the dancehall with King Stur Gav Hi Fi Sound System alongside Daddy U Roy. This performance promises to be the kind of treat the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival has become famous for: a rootical outing in an authentic Jamaican style and fashion! And in this case, it is a special treat to present the Brigadier on the original set he began with so many years ago!

While his introduction to an American audience probably came from his 1985 release of "Jamaica Jamaica" on the RAS label, the General had been building a major following in Jamaica by appearing live on the mike, first on the original King Stur Gav Hi-Fi system and later over the Twelve Tribes' Jahlovemuzik set and releasing occasional singles for the local market. Chief among these early releases were "Every Man Me Brethren" and "Dance In A Montreal", both for the foundation studio and label, Studio One. Then in 1982 he borrowed the Studio One riddim used by Slim Smith on his song "Never Let Go" to record a single called "Pain" (actually using a Don Mais produced recut of the original). Many have called Briggy's take perhaps the best use of the riddim ever and it certainly stands as one of the best songs to ever come out of the deejay style. Later he would reprise this riddim with the story telling "Jamaica Jamaica", which relates the tale of a man going in search of groceries in his homeland, only to find out the vendor "never have no sensimilla" even though they have "whole heap a green green Kasaba" and plenty more fruit and vegetables.

But his true impact would not be felt in the record shops, but in the dancehalls and lawns of the ghettos of Kingston. In fact, these local appearances served to spread his fame far and wide; surreptitiously recorded and then distributed worldwide in the form of "sound tapes", those in foreign lands thousands of miles away got a chance to experience Briggy on the microphone via these recordings and subsequent official releases of some of the same sessions.

So when he finally toured, supported by his American record company RAS, he was well received by knowledgeable fans the world over. On one such show this writer attended, Briggy, Charlie Chaplin and Sister Carol accompanied by the High Times band, drew a packed house to a venue in San Francisco, and in many's view, Briggy took it all with his sing-jay style, expressive performance and conscious lyrics, not to mention his unique rolling vocal style (you will see what that means when you witness it for yourselves!)

One thing about Brigadier Jerry, he chats pure consciousness on the mike, even when the prevalent vibe in the dance was slackness. A longtime member of the Rastafarian Christian sect "Twelve Tribes of Israel", Briggy takes every opportunity to teach the youth about righteous runnings and has recorded many tracks pointing out the error of certain ways. In fact, at some point some other deejays derided him as being too reverent, but that never seemed to deter the General from teaching the right from the wrong.

On the recording front, Briggy has released two fairly recent singles on fellow DJ Ranking Joe’s label: Ragga Muffin Dread and In the Ghetto; the latter reprising the oft-versioned Shenk I Sheck riddim to particularly good effect. One can only hope the General will be releasing more soon and a full length album release is way overdue!

Papa Briggy alongside Daddy U Roy and King Stur Gav Hi Fi in the dancehall...pure heaven for the reggaematical music addict!

- Jah Bill

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Selected Discography:


Every Man Me Brethren (Studio One 12")
Dance In Montreal (Studio One 12")
Pain (Jwyanza/Ffrench 7")
Wicked Situation (Ises International 7")
Jah Jah You (Jwyanza 7")
Invasion S.A. (Supreme 12")
One Dance Story/Golden Rule (Supreme 12")
My Imagination (Supreme 12")
Hard Drugs/Tour the World (Pioneer Muzik 12")
Ragga Muffin Dread (Ranking Joe 7")
In the Ghetto/Shenk I Sheck Version (Ranking Joe 7")


Jamaica Jamaica (RAS)
Produced: Jah Love Music
Jamaica Jamaica (extended version)
Every Man A Mi Brethren
Three Blind Mice (extended version)

On the Road (RAS)
Produced: Doctor Dread, John Hamilton, Brigadier
On the Road
Jah Creation/Born To Love Jah
Never Do That
Dreadlocks Man

Hail Him (Tappa)
Produced: Tappa Zukie
Jah A the God Father
Everybody Brawling

Freedom Street (VP)
Produced: Albert Johnson
Every Man A Me Brethren
Drifter in 79 Style
Drifter Orthodox Style
Oily Back Shank

Live At the Controls (Vista Sounds, also released in France on Dance Hall Stylee Records)
Produced: Jack Ruby
Continuous Live Session

Various Artists Compilation LP/CDs:

DeeJay Explosion Inna Dance Hall Style (Heartbeat)
Produced: Mike Cacia, Duncan Brown, Bill Nowlin
Brigadier Jerry tracks:
This One’s Dedicated To You
Ghetto Stylee
Going Down To Texas

Rewind: the DJ’s (RAS)
Produced: Various
Brigadier Jerry tracks:
Jamaica Jamaica

Champion DJs From Studio One (Studio One)
Produced: Clement S. Dodd
Brigadier Jerry tracks:
Every Man A Me Brethren

De Historic Return Ov De Legendary King Stur Gav (Jugglin Machine)
Produced: Daddy U Roy
Continuous Live Session
Brigadier Jerry tracks:
Ganja Pipe Fe Burn
Trod It
In the Ghetto
Sweet Ganga
Jamaica Jamaica
Promise Land
Stur Gav De King
(Note: many of the above are only short snippets
of the songs listed, in true dancehall style!) 

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