June 20th, 21st, & 22nd, 2003Frogtown, Angels Camp, California, U.S.A.
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2003 Performers


Capleton &
Special Guest
Yami Bolo


Stone Love


Lost At Last
Hamsa Lila


The Wailers
Barrington Levy
Pablo Moses
Sister Carol
Leroy Sibbles
Johnny Clarke
Mikey Dread
Fully Fullwood Band


Stur-Gav HiFi w/
Brigadier Jerry
Mighty Crown


Medicine Drum
BrazilBeat Sound System


Prince Buster
Pato Banton
Warrior King
Twinkle Bros w/
Della Grant

Peter Rowan
Big Mountain


B-Side Players
Soul Majestic
Alma Melodiosa
Music Hours
Friday: 6 pm - Midnight;
Late show till 3am for 3-day ticket holders
Saturday: 11 am - Midnight;
Late show till 3am for 3-day ticket holders
Sunday: 11 am - 10 pm











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Brazil Beat


Press Pass

BrazilBeat Sound System

Afro-Brazilian rhythms ignite the dance floor when the Brazil Beat Sound System steps up. The cutting-edge percussion & DJ collective fuses roots Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Latin rhythms with electronic beats, a unique blend of dance music and live drumming.

Live drumming and percussion are the roots of Brazil Beat.

Internationally renowned Brazilian master percussionist Nego Beto sets the tempo with drum rhythms that have come down through 400 years of African presence in Brazil. Samba, afoxé, ijexá, xangô, all are played reverently and with unparalleled energy. The rhythms of capoeira take on a new fire when coupled with ragamuffin stylee, infused with thunderous basslines. These rhythms originate from the candomblé religion (syncretic mix of African spiritism and Catholicism), which developed in Brazil and continues to be a huge part of Brazilian culture, a culture shared with Cuba (santeria) and other Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean populations. Nego Beto has taken his rhythms to five continents, touring, recording and educating over his 20 year career. His riveting performances on congas, timbales, bongos, electronic drums and varied percussion instruments send audiences into a delirium of dancing.

DJ Mara spins Brazilian and world music without boundaries alongside deep house, funky breaks & the occasional drum-n-bass. Original beats and basslines are the foundation of Brazil Beat, extracting the tribal from the technological, polling the raw energy of live performance.

The Brazil Beat show is something not easily forgotten. Uncluttered, hypnotic loops, compounded by drum solos and dancehall-style vocals lift crowds to new heights. Samba, samba-reggae, timbalada and Afro-Brazilian rhythms meet heavy electronic beats. "We develop the arrangements together," says Nego, "Always thinking about the percussion, because the drums are the core of everything." Mara adds, "We are always remixing our own material, striving to get that perfect sound."

Nego and Mara write the "Brazil Beat" column, a regular feature in the Los Angeles-based reggae and world music magazine The Beat since 1993, bringing the newest trends in Brazilian music to tens of thousands of readers.

Brazil Beat Sound System embodies Brazil's festive culture, and, in the tradition of Carnival, can expand to include a larger corps of performers--musicians, dancers, etc., creating endless possibilities for grooves and improvisations.

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