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Upcoming California Clashes

Posted by Chimino 
Upcoming California Clashes
March 19, 2006 10:09PM
This was posted by DJ JFX (2005 LA Rumble winner) on dancehallreggae.com:


Nice to see the support here for the Club Dread clash tomorrow nite...

I personally helped support & promote this event here in the L.A. area....
the buzz (response) has been tremendous....definately much BIGGER than 2005 club dread clash .... there is definately a crowd for clashes in Cali...

After this one..will be another clash in S.F. (only bay sounds).....to qualify for the "King of Cali" clash in August (on neutral-grounds in Long Beach)...
the winner of that (Northern Cali) clash
v.s. winner of a clash happening this July in San Diego...
v.s. the winner of the "2006 Los Angeles Rumble" soundclash on saturday 5/20/06 in Los Angeles. (*I will defend my title against: Oakland's "Black Love" sound, Los Angeles's "DJ Hire"/Positive Rhythm Sound" & "Tazmania Sound"winking smiley.

So I'd say things are moving in the right direction....
With a million sounds/selectors in the state claming to be "toppa top" this & that.... these clashes will definately show who's REALLY cuttin some chune.....

Large up DHR massive....all sound/soundmen.....
serious about the clash ting....

(promoter of the "2006 L.A. Rumble" and "King of Cali" clashes)...

Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 22, 2006 09:43PM
>clashing like this sux. it kills the positive+ reggae vibe*
>bring a real sound like shaka or downbeat & mek it about it!
>please people put the dance back in 'dancehall!
>hope u all had fun anyways just to let u kno*
>"harder they come the harder they fall" -J.Cliff
(keeping it real since 1973*)

borat yequsmesh
Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 22, 2006 11:05PM
Jahmeek, maybe you'd be suprised to hear that Jah Shaka and Downbeat are soundsystems that have been in many clashes, and don't just play to cater your hippy-dippy conception of what reggae music is.... if you're going to appreciate the culture of reggae music, then you better be able to accept all aspects of it.

p.s. Downbeat is gonna be in a big clash this April against David Roddigan.... it should be a very "positive reggae vibe" for people that really like reggae and keep it real like you say you do

pale ryder
Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 22, 2006 11:10PM
Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 22, 2006 11:18PM
>your rite borat but i tink your hippy dippy commet is pretty off the mark*
>shaka & roddigan(may jah help him against shaka) r' a real showcase not a battle off elimination.. dem two differnt tings ya-kno*
>>come straight !

jb welda
Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 23, 2006 12:45AM
thats right, jah shaka dont clash, he prefers to keep the vibes upful. i like that. but i dont think roddy would need any help against shaka personally...

like ryder says:


one love
jah bill
Borat Yequeshmesh
Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 23, 2006 05:34AM
Shaka doesn't clash..... anymore. It seems like the natural progression is for sounds to turn into labels.... Stonelove, Volcano, Youthman Promotion, Shaka is onto bigger and better things. That and the style of reggae that he plays isn't condusive with the clash environment of today, but he did clash at one point.
Read carefully the clash is between Downbeat and Roddigan, and yes it will be a showcase and a battle for elimination. but isn't a battle of elimination also a showcase of one's souyndsystem? there's nothing wrong with some healthy competition.
if anyone is going to quote Capleton and tell me "music is a mission not a competition" then don't, because from the time the war between Beenie and Bounty let off capleton picked it up, and they were fueding for a couple of years. I think they're over it now. The new competition is between Yellowman and Beenie

Re: Upcoming California Clashes
March 23, 2006 06:19AM
Jah Meek is not making any sense, as usual. Stop hating and put on your own promotion if you don't like it.

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