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RIP Ernest Wilson

Posted by Ras_Adam 
RIP Ernest Wilson
November 03, 2021 11:31AM
Re: RIP Ernest Wilson
November 07, 2021 05:53AM
I loved his song Undying Love.....sorry he passed too young
Re: RIP Ernest Wilson
November 09, 2021 03:17PM
funny how as a teenager(mid 90s), i always pictured these artists as being much older.. like in their 40s or 50s.
they were probably teenagers, maybe a little older, when they recorded these songs.

now as someone considered middle aged, i look at these album covers and say, wow, these guys are just babies(in looks, not in life experience of course).

speaking of 'undying love', i couldnt sleep one evening, so decided to hit a midnight run around the neighborhood.
i have a rocksteady mix i like to listen to, and i remember when this song came on through my headphones, i thought how heavingly the instrumentation and vocals sounded.
this song was always my favorite on the heartbeat album focused on studio one extended versions(12"winking smiley

another song that hit me that night was 'bold one - long about now'... nothing but bonafide big man lyrics on that one.
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