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rec music reggae enuts

Posted by Ras_Adam 
rec music reggae enuts
February 17, 2021 01:51PM
for you old heads on here just took a peek at old google group rec music reggae and
"ras" mikael enoch has evolved from just antisementic to N word/wop posts the madness continues..

he's been on there, 99% alone, posting to himself these last 15 years.
i guess some will say that about me on this site one day soon smiling smiley

Ras Mikael Enoch

White blood cells are unique,
in their ability to stop invasion of the body.
Therefore some whites in the reggae scene, and some who
have been righteous defenders of black victory and black
redemption and repatriation, and reparations.
We are DEEP ROOTS here,
and will definately POLICE the area and maintain some
semblance of Order in an Abyssinian Ethiopian House Of
Shoa Vibe (Ras Mikael Enoch) !

Therefore when a white man, who wants to be a controlling
central character for being the key man, as is seen in
fairly newcomer white man "ras" Adam, tries desperately
to give you images of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie,
yet when you check it out, he won't defend H.I.M. on
Slavery up until 1932. He is that stupid of history and what
H.I.M. could have accomplished in a Muslim Islam Slave
Trade Nightmare that is still going on today in the Horn.
But NO, "ras" Adam can only say that H.I.M. makes mistakes !

Phuck Dat !
Then He "ras" Adam, wants to try his best to stop InI from
witnessing to his man made JEW styled Traditions of Men,
that being the totally evil and totally un-scriptural LAWS
the Tenets, the CREEDS (Adam's), the CONTRACTS,

The Abyssinians Ethiopians who I love dearly,
of course know that the GREEN is on top of any flag
representing TRUTH.

Ras Adam has gone to Ghana, seriously, and again
confirms his addiction to putting the RED on top.
Abyssinians In Spirit, like I-self of course are mystified,
but know what is going on in the scene, for Babylon
does choose the RED on top, that is their choice,
mark my word.
Because putting the GREEN on top (pakilolo, lol)
Is POWER (Ethiopia)

"ras" Adam is giving Ethiopia NOTHING !
Because HIS Colours are WHITE

That "ras" even has the nerve to deny people that have
tattoos !
He Has No Idea Of My Connections To AOTEAROA !
Their Tattoos and the rest of Polynesia is gonna mark
you real good "ras" adam, with some tattoos that might
even look like bruises.....how dare you eliminate people
who have tattoos from your worldy of the world, of the
lousy evil world, "world of jah" website, that you bar
me from.
Okay then, I will be here and attack
Stuka !
You phuckin jew like white character from Cold Jew York,
"ras" Adam and your Jew styled Traditions Of Men, and
your Extra Biblical Teachings That Amount To A Complete
Afront To What H.I.M. Believed ! ! !
Did You Just Read The Above, You Pathetic "ass" Adam and
Eve !
I won't also take a bite of the apple that your witch
gave to you already......Adam.

Apple Sauce InI say !
I man only offer Jah Almighty a suggest menu !

Rastafarian Mikael Enoch

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Re: rec music reggae enuts
February 17, 2021 08:28PM
I remember this crazy from back in the mid-90s So much hate!
Re: rec music reggae enuts
February 18, 2021 05:45AM
Wow, just wow.....
Re: rec music reggae enuts
February 19, 2021 05:49PM
Bad to worse, he is still delusional. Don't engage with him Adam, it's a pointless venture
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