Be You, Yabby Yabby You
September 05, 2020 06:02AM
Yabby You, born Neville Vivian Jackson and still called Nev by surviving family. He never named himself Yabby You but ya know how it go in the music biz. Because of the chorus that was delivered inter dimensionally to Yabby and became the 1972 hit 'Conquering Lion'; the Yabby You name was transferred onto him. Then later, through no choice of his own, he become i.d. as somehow the leading advocate of the non-bowers to terrestrial aristocracy (a.k.a. Selassie) amongst the reggae pioneers; and the name 'Jesus Dread' was likewise transferred onto him by others. Yabby never thought of himself or named himself as Jesus anybody. Over the trajectory of his Earth life his cosmology was more similar to certain Indigenous Gnosticism cultures than to those he called the unfortunate church people. Yabby was certainly not the only non-bower to the terrestrial aristocracy stumbling block amongst the reggae pioneers ie. Jimmy, Ken Boothe, Bob Andy, Clinton Fearon, Prince Buster, Willi Williams, Tommy Cowan and many other wonderful notables from the Golden Age of Reggae did not i.d. with dat. Even if you vibez into it, Spear never went into that unfortunate rabbit hole. Yet somehow through the mystics Yabby become the lightning rod for that spiritual seismic fault line in the evolution of humans on this planet. Yabby was fused into certain iyah ites because he physically died on a hospital bed age 12, went to the other side & met with Iniversal Family who returned him to Earth to complete certain works. Then, when Yabby became a notable voice in the transition era from the Rock Steady to the Reggae, he did speak his portion to the emerging ras mindset that "men made religion is always the first sign of mental illness." But he soon realized "when ya argue wit fool, two fool arguing" and he disappeared uppa yountry on dem and become a secret midnight ninja recordist and producer and declined to tour international until 1984 .....................>...................... Stay tuned. Word is there are unreleased Studio1 albums Yabby had intentionally held in reserve for the appropriate eschatological times.

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