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Hux Brown RIP

Posted by Ras_Adam 
Hux Brown RIP
June 19, 2020 12:54PM
Fabrizio Laganà wrote:

Today is a sad day because the real jamaica legend guitarist & singer like Lynford "Hux" Brown is passed away. He played in a very large musical groups like Beverley's All Stars, Byron Lee And The Dragonaires, Harry J. All Stars, Hux Brown Group, Lynn Taitt & The Jets, Skin, Flesh & Bones, The Broncos, The Crystalites, The Dynamites, The Mighty Vikings, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics.
The first of Lynn Taitt’s disciples, ‘Hux’ Brown is the guitarist who played what some consider the 1st reggae song in history, "Bangarang" by Lester Sterling, a number in which he still hit the double stroke with his right hand, up and down. It’s not the only classic he appears in with his Hofner, as Brown also played on such things as "Rivers of Babylon" by the Trevor McNaughton The Melodians and "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff, or "The Mother and Child Reunion" by Paul Simon, which the author of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" recorded in Jamaica when he was making his first solo record.
In 2017 he was a member of the new band and music project called "The Kingston All Stars" with other great jamaican legend like Robert Lyn Sly Dunbar, Jackie Jackson, Ansel Ansel Musicmaker Collins, Mikey "Mao" Mikey Chung, Robbie Robert Lyn, Mikey "Boo" Richards, Everton & Everald Gayle under the artistic direction of Moss “Mossman“ Raxlen.
Never forgotten & love forever. <3
<3 June 19 2020
Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 19, 2020 04:40PM
I'm gonna have to dig up the whole show on this one:

Love that reggae!
Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 19, 2020 06:31PM
Rusty Zinn wrote:

Today is a very sad day! I've been on a self imposed Facebook exile but felt I needed to jump back on today to pay tribute to a man who is and will always be dear to my heart. We lost the great Hux Brown yesterday. He was my friend and mentor. He was like a Father to me. I woke up early this morning to multiple messages inquiring about whether he had passed or not, so I made the dreaded call to his wife this morning to confirm and sure enough, it is sad but true. My dear friend Brian Atkinson linked me with Hux years ago and vouched for me as Hux was generally suspicious of folks and I felt so blessed to become his friend. He played guitar in my Reggae band for about a year or so and I had the opportunity to have had him on a full length recording session. God, so many thoughts and memories are rushing through my brain right now as I write this. He jokingly referred to me as "Doondus" which some people would find offensive but You had to know Hux to understand his special brand of humor. My Jamaican friends will understand that one. ;-) My times with Hux were always spent with loads of gut busting laughter and jokes. and I literally mean endless laughter. He taught me so much on the guitar in regards to playing Reggae as he was one of the undisputed originators and creators of the music, but that being said, I also stole a lot from him. LOL!!! He was so very kind to my wife Angelique and she was also blessed to have spent some great times with him laughing and joking. When I was down on my luck and didn't even own an amplifier, Hux gave me one to use and have. He never wanted it back and said "keep it. It's yours" and it was his regular amp that he used often on gigs. A few years later I returned the favor and gifted him a nice Ibanez hollow body guitar which I know he liked to practice on at home as it was a bit too fragile to travel to gigs with perhaps. At my wedding, we had our dear friend Adam from Wake The Town Radio as our DJ selector, spinning nothing but vintage Jamaican 7 inch vinyl. We were all laughing with Hux because 90% of what Adam was spinning that afternoon were sides that Hux was playing guitar on. His musical legacy is undisputed and the amount of recordings he participated in is staggering. He played on recordings by Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Toots and The Maytals, Desmond Dekker, Gregory Isaacs ….. and that's just the tip of the iceberg with me mentioning "household" Reggae names. He was at Studio One, Federal, Beverly's and on and on, recording at so many legendary Jamaican studios and was in constant demand by all the great producers. He played riddm guitar alongside the great Lyn Taitt whom Hux considered a mentor of sorts but after Taitt immigrated to Canada in 1968, that's when Hux ultimately took over Taitt's throne and began to develop his own style of percolating and bubbling pick guitar lines on the bass strings. It was in this chair that he really shined brightly and because of it, was in constant demand with all of the top producers and studios in Jamaica during the "Golden Age Of Reggae". He even crossed over into Pop music territory more than once, even having his distinct bubbling pick guitar featured on Paul Simon's hit record, "Mother And Child Reunion". I could go on and on with many stories and memories, but I need to sign off now. I dug up just a couple of photos to share in this post. My heart will be weighing heavy for sometime over the loss of this great man. Rest in Power my 'ol friend. I will carry you in my heart forever and every time I pick up a guitar and play some sweet Reggae music, I will think of you and always tip my hat to your greatness! So long!
Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 19, 2020 06:35PM
Andy Bassford
2 hrs ·

Hux Brown was my hero. Simple as that.

My five favorite guitar players are (in no order), Jimi Hendrix, Teenie Hodges, Wes Montgomery, B. B. King, and Hux.

He was one of my biggest musical influences. Hux and Dougie Bryan were the first reggae guitarists I ever saw live, with Toots and the Maytals at Paul’s Mall in 1975/76. I’ve been trying to copy Hux ever since, and failing miserably. In fact, I made a career out of it!

I was lucky enough to tour with Hux, and play with him on a number of other occasions. This picture is from our last show together at Wembley Athletic Club in the Bronx (you can barely see my left hand on the far right), when he appeared as a special guest with Derrick A Barnett and the Statement Band last year.

Hux was a lot like his playing: positive, energetic, intelligent, witty, creative, thoughtful, plain-spoken, passionate, and modest. He was a complete team player onstage and off. It was a joy to tour with him.

He made an enormous contribution to the music, playing on thousands of recordings. But individual credits were rare in those days and he, like so many other musicians of the time, was never properly recognized for his contributions.

Hux gave up touring when the original Maytals split and lived a quiet life in Oakland, working outside of music and playing locally when he felt the urge. He did return to the Maytals in the mid 90s for a European tour that was one of the great experiences of my career. But that was it. He returned to his routine in the Bay Area, though he always showed up to visit when we played there.

This year has been difficult for all of us...the losses keep mounting. My condolences to Hux’s widow Bobbi, his brother Piper, the rest of his family, and his many friends and fans. This one cuts very, very deep.

I could post Hux recordings for hours, but here’s his most famous one. Goodbye, Mr. Brown, and thanks for everything.

Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 19, 2020 06:47PM
Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 22, 2020 03:31PM
I did not realize he played on Mother and Child reunion.! I have always loved that guitar lick. IDK why i never looked deeper into it.
Re: Hux Brown RIP
June 23, 2020 02:22PM
bovine ska tribute
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