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6 Hour Nonstop All Vinyl Reggae Mix

Posted by SommerKind 
6 Hour Nonstop All Vinyl Reggae Mix
June 03, 2020 09:01PM
I wanted to share this mix with everyone. It was originally just a impromptu session at my house with my friend LP Chilen. We hit record and just kept on playing for what turned into 6 hours. We rotate out approx every 30 mins and I start it off.

Nothing was really planned, we just kept pulling records out of our crates, playing off the energy of the previous round. The result was this mix which I have found myself listening to and getting a lot of enjoyment from.

You'll hear early and late Dub, Foundation, Roots, Steppers, 80's digi, 90's dancehall and late 90's/Early 2000's Cultural Dancehall throughout.

I apologize ahead of time. We did the best to monitor it the whole session, but there are definitely a handful of instances with a little clipping. It always gets resolved fairly quickly. Maybe 4 -5 songs out of the approx 150-175 songs on the mix.

I have also noticed from listening to it multiple times, that once past the first 30 mins of 80s dancehall, there is a solid social justice message woven throughout the 6 hours, alongside ganja tunes and sound killers. No slackness.

LP Chilen meets SommertimeFlow Mega Mix
Re: 6 Hour Nonstop All Vinyl Reggae Mix
June 16, 2020 10:36PM
I have the times that DJ's switch out, plus a description of the music in that block

0 - 33:47 > Dancehall from early to late 80's

33:48 - 1:07:59 > modern roots and dub

1:08:00 - 1:38:40 > Cultural Dancehall from early 2000's

1:38:41 - 2:09:14 > modern roots, dancehall, reggae revival

2:09:15 - 2:41:30 > 90's Dancehall, Cultural Dancehall from early 2000's

2:41:31 - 3:10:19 > Modern Roots + Dub Versions

3:10:20 - 3:48:09 > Cultural Dancehall from early 2000's, Ganja Tunes

3:48:10 - 4:14:25 > Dancehall, Modern Roots, Steppers, Starts off with Jitta Riddim (fire)

4:14:26 - 4:52:39 > 80's and 90's Dancehall, Ganja Tunes

4:52:40 - 5:24:26 > Modern Roots and Revival

5:24:27 - 5:51:40 > Classic Roots and Foundation

5:51:41 - 6:01:37 > Roots, ends with Rocker-T joint. Distortion on 3rd song from end.
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