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The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Wimoweh

Posted by Peacemakeya 
The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Wimoweh
June 11, 2019 01:14AM
Seen the music documentary: 'Remastered: The Lion's Sleep Tonight' on Netflix

A music doc & MUCH MORE about the history of Solomon (Linda) Nitsele's original 1939 song 'Mbube;
which was Anglicized into 'Wimoweh and then further morphed into 'The Lion's Sleep Tonight.' A powerful
film of musical beauty and historical pathos.

The original 'Mbube'

Pete Seeger first to introduce it to the West and was one of the first to acknowledge it was
a major rip-off to the the singer/songwriter.

First bust into the Top Ten pop charts in 1961 by the N.Y. youth band: 'The Tokens'

Then of course the soundtrack & title of the Disney movie

The song earned something like $16 Million in publishing revenue but strangely Solomon Linda's
name had been forged onto the orijinnal supposed publishing agreement and over the years Solomon's
surviving estate only received a few hundred pesos. The Netflix movie documents the efforts of a few
more conscious ones to right these wrongs.

This story parallels much of the history of Jamaican reggae also. The majority of the reggae pioneers
never to this day have received their just dues.

Covered by many many: Here's Morgan Heritage's version

and Jimmy's

ps: The Lion Spirit Helper, metaphorically seen in part by many, never sleeps; for there is no sleep
nor slumber for those who ascend. Who would want to sleep when there is no longer a need and
the session is 24/7
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