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Reggae Family

Posted by Ninja 
Reggae Family
June 05, 2019 06:52PM
this is an interesting concept. The reality I have found is like in any family there are MASSIVE rifts in many of the people in this family. You wouldn't think so with the One Love concept but even though we have a lot in common it is apparent that we have a lot that is vastly different. Just a comment
Re: Reggae Family
June 05, 2019 07:32PM
Yes and you can chooe to focus on that which divides us or that which unites us....

Re: Reggae Family
June 05, 2019 07:48PM
yeah that is generally my thought.. I am finding though that some things cannot be compromised on... ask Maya (RIP) how many racist friends she has. I am finding that in reggae we have people who see all as equal regardless of whom they are and I am finding we have some who think people are not because of who they are. This is the crux.. and no this isn't just about the Sizzla being banned. It is that today and tomorrow it is something else... well probably that and something else but you know what I mean
Re: Reggae Family
June 07, 2019 05:26PM
We have far more in common with EVERYONE on this planet than we have differences. If we could all keep that in mind this world would be a much better place in my opinion.
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