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Seaga RIP

Posted by Ras_Adam 
Seaga RIP
May 28, 2019 11:06PM
Re: Seaga RIP
May 29, 2019 11:36AM
Dynamic Sounds Studio has it's roots firmly set in Jamaica's
history. It was the first state of the art studio built in Kingston, Jamaica and a firm favourite
with all the top flight homespun artists. Bob Marley chose to record the bulk of his seminal
'Catch A Fire' album there and many foreign musicians trying to catch some of that reggae
magic and emulate that sound have beaten a path to it's doors. As you will see the studio
had a history already of it's own, that was carved out before it became the aptly named
Dynamic Sounds.

Originally named WIRL Studio's (West Indies Records Limited), it was set up initially to
record Jamaica's versions of the American Rhythm and Blues tunes that were proving
so popular on the island. It was started back in 1958 by Political leader Edward Seaga
an astute businessman, who had many interests around the island including clubs and
bars. As the R & B music evolved into it's own styles from Mento into Ska, one of it's main
protagonists Byron Lee and his band the Dragonaires would be at the forefront and be
seen as ambassadors to the cause. Edward Seaga would choose the band to head the
1964 Worlds Fair and take them to New York to showcase the Jamaican Ska Music.
His political ambitions leading the American friendly JLP (Jamaican Labour Party)
against the Cuban inspired PNP (People's National Party), would see him cutting
back his other interests and lead to the selling of WIRL, lock stock and barrel to Byron Lee.
On taking over the business he renamed it Dynamic Sounds and extended it to include
not only a top of the range recording studio but a pressing plant to distribute the new hot
sounds of the day directly to the streets of Jamaica. The address would also change to
15 Bell Road, it's old address No 13, seemingly too unlucky for such a fine establishment.

The studio has become part of the Jamaican culture and each twist and turn in it's musical
story has been caught and recorded here. We get on board when the music had slowed
down to the reggae skank that we now know and love. We have picked some fine cuts that
we feel best represent the times. The rhythms are pushed to the fore and the great
Sylvan Morris a much underrated studio master, always came up with some interesting
effects to enhance the version cuts. A fine time in reggae's history caught at one of
Jamaica's finest studio's. Dynamic Sounds from a Dynamic Studio.....
Re: Seaga RIP
June 07, 2019 02:53AM
Re: Seaga RIP
June 24, 2019 01:01AM
state funeral live feed

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