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dj khalid

Posted by Ras_Adam 
dj khalid
May 18, 2019 12:24AM
i like dj khalid/buju/sizzla
but the rest if this is
not really my taste
but i'm a grumpy old man
get off my lawn

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Re: dj khalid
May 18, 2019 02:23AM
Im with you, not feeling it. To be honest this was exactly the type of music I though would come out with DJ Khalid. I was hoping they would come out with some hot new radio hit and turn the world more into reggae. I wonder if Buju and Sizzla think its a hit.
Re: dj khalid
May 18, 2019 11:48AM
this is a better version

Re: dj khalid
May 18, 2019 11:35PM
Fun song thanks for posting RA

Giving thanks!
Re: dj khalid
May 20, 2019 05:50PM
song is dope.. could be that it isn't for you (you being the you that doesn't have a you in mind). Anyone who likes this style of reggae would be feelin this tune for sure.
Re: dj khalid
May 20, 2019 05:55PM
After seeing him on SNL this past weekend, plus the recent Buju video, he brought back my eternal question about DJ Khaled, which is:

"What does DJ Khaled do?"

I decided to google that question and realized there is a whole industry devoted to that very same question Behold:

Re: dj khalid
May 20, 2019 05:57PM
he is a music producer.. what do producers do? Ask one.. I am sure there are more than one on here.
Re: dj khalid
May 20, 2019 06:26PM
I do believe the 2 songs are different songs altogether right?

The Holy Mountain video is very well done but the mix of the song is just kinda confusing to me. Not really feeling it, just sounds like 3 separate songs mixed together. Holy ground is really good because it is minimal and the track with Nipsey Hustle/John Legend is the best on the album IMO. Those 2 are the only 2 I would listen to more than once.
Re: dj khalid
May 23, 2019 06:36PM
sommerkind: he gets credit on most tracks because not only does he produce the beat but also writes lyrics for the artists and masters the tracks
dude is extremely talented in so many ways
big up khaled everytime!

Respect Same Way
Re: dj khalid
May 24, 2019 02:16PM

Giving thanks!
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