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RIP Jah Stitch

Posted by Ras_Adam 
RIP Jah Stitch
May 01, 2019 10:54AM
Dennis Alcapone wrote:

Greetings. Fb Family and friends. Just Getting back my Breath after getting this sudden News about My Bredren Jah Stitch Passing. I Heard That He Complain about not feeling Well on Friday and they took Him to the Hospital and and He Died on Sunday. We go back a very long way. From the Days of El Paso Stitch used to follow us when we are playing in the Country Side. He would be the First one Turn up for the long ride. Those were the fun Times. I remember when we used to Hang out at Bunny Lee Shop on Orange street. Stitch was a Girls Man He would pass the Shop with a set of Girls going up the Street and Another set of Girls coming Down. The Girls Loved Him. He always Dressed Smart and the Girls loved That. When I did My First Show Abroad This was British Guyana as it was called at the Time. This was 1971. Stitch asked me to Bring back a pair of Clark's Shoes for Him I brought back the Shoes for Him He was very Happy. The following Day I saw Stitch looking Sad I ask Him what's wrong He said that He was Sleeping somewhere last night and He Take off the Shoes When He woke up His Shoes was Missing. Someone Stole His Shoes. I left Jamaica 1973 so I was not there When Stitch started Recording. Bunny Lee was Producing Him Count Shelly was Putting out His Records over Here. Stitch was doing well and He came Here for some Shows That's when we meet up back after a long time. He went back to Jamaica and just as His Passing is a Shock now. It is The same way I was shocked to hear that He got Shot. He survived that Shooting. At the Time of the Shooting I Heard that He was Playing Tipper Tone Sound System. He Later started Playing Black Harmony Then He went on to Join up with Sugar Minnot and Started to play Sugar Youth Man Promotion Sound. That is When He Started to call Himself Major Stitch. Stich got some Bit Parts in Films and Television. He Played a Part in Dance Hall Queen and the Television Series Me and my Crew. Stitch Made Loads of Records. Black Harmony Killer. And Many More. I never go to Jamaica and He don't come and look for me. He will be Sadly missed. May His Soul Forever Rest in peace. Condolence to His Family and friends. Check His Records on YouTube.

photo of Stitch s by Dave Hendley 1977
Re: RIP Jah Stitch
May 01, 2019 07:30PM
Original Ragamuffin
Re: RIP Jah Stitch
May 02, 2019 11:55PM
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