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Selling 45s???

Posted by strikkly 
Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 03:50AM
I would like to clear out a dozen boxes of 45s. Some nice modern roots riddims with multiple artists, pretty easy to list. Some dancehall 90's and 2000's and harder to list singles etc.
Any advice from the board, how to sell in bulk or where to list etc.
Give thanks
Willing to dump any boxes of anything nice to any vinyl selector.
Some are just straight riddim runs of artists that someone may select. At this point I need to cut the number of boxes down to size or I can't play ANY vinyl cause it's too overwhelming, I just opened the closet after years.
If anyone wants I can easily compile the modern roots riddim runs by label artist and riddim for consideration.
Again not my whole collection, just about half or so.
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 01:08PM
where are you located?
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 03:07PM
would love to see the list.... Been quite some time since i've bought any vinyl
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 06:50PM
Berkeley, ok I will work on the list
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 06:51PM
I'm also down to just unload it in bulk for not much
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 07:20PM
I bought all this from Ernie B and Wisdom records over the past 15 to 20 years.
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 08:05PM
Label & Riddim
juke boxx - dubwize
kicking productions - loving pauper
builders - runner
don corleon - love potion
don corleon - far away
don corleon - heavenly
slam - pretty looks
special delivery - judgement time
lion vibes - ever bless
thriller music - total solidarity
fat eyes - darker shade of black
kickin productions - jah jah see them a come
king jammy - china town
m bass - first drop
pot of gold - judgement
black scorpio - jazzwad
cali bud - rock me
reggae vibes - crisis
true love - Whoopi
ice berg - essence
mx productions - dream path
cali bud - love jah and live
big yard - di ting
fire house crew - red hot
home run productions - 28 karat
muzik bizness - entry
jam 2 - raindrops
king of kings - move on up
reggae vibes - long live the king
down to earth - this fight
firm grip - roll on
massive b - stormy weather
kt records - seven stars
shali music - meditation
nocturnal productions - ends out
reggae central - tonight
pleasure time - godfather
hi power music - mama
das vibes - gloria
Mac d - st jago de la Vega
misty walks - bigger heads
crystal ball - handcart boy
cap calcini - tear drops
kt records - shaedhe
reggae vibes - have you ever
irie vibrations - peace
ball a fire music - number one
twin tower records - heart beat
creation music - funny feelings

Okay thats box 1 of modern roots riddims from 2 to 8 songs per riddim

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Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 09:08PM
dancehall box 1
Label & Riddim
stainless - critical
bread back - 745
born music - IQ
true love - talk
real music - hot girl
gravi-t - step out
massive b - 210 computa
star trail - gun powder
in the streetz - hot wok
dem yute deh - buckle up
mad house - fiesta
first name - first prize
shocking vibes - shankle dip
truck back - gear box
muzik factory - through the fire
juvenile - filthier
track house - tear drop
cut stone - rhyme stone
357 records - disturbance
40/40 - travel
hit strip music - air waves
chimney records - trailer load
nu wave muzik - gun smoke
hyper active - club fusion
size 8 - poison gropper
riddim driven - white liva
seanizzle - gully creepa
k licious music - bookshelf
king of kings - gidgement
black house - blackout
dj smurf - carrot oil
delperies - swag
stainless - crop over
massive b - mud up
big ship - beehive
mad doc - Jerusalem
ice berg - step off
thriller music - thriller
natural bridge - bun bun (rice n peas)
P & L records - holiday
b rich - orgasm
danga zone - forbidden dance
baby g productions - 20 cents
in time music - bodysnatcher
jam 2 productions - jook a gal
deja vu productions - shanghai
Re: Selling 45s???
November 28, 2018 09:23PM
I will list some singles to give an idea

tenor saw - John crow
Everton blender - world corruption
Wayne wonder - only you
terror fabulous - yu di money span pan
yami bolo - jahs love
jahmali - 21st century
rankin Joe - equal rights
supercat & nicodemus - I&I prerogative
natty king - dem a murderer
cocoa tea - take time
ninja man - more reality
bushman - a who send dem
beres hammond - can't stop a man
beres hammond - checking out
Sanchez - kiss me honey
chuckleberry - equal rights & justice
prince Malachi - runaway slave
Joseph cotton & winston francis - rastaman prayer
natural black - bad mind
natural black - jah we praise
Nereus Joseph - be counted
ninjaman - living unkind
Tony rebel - warning
Sanchez - hands of Babylon
buju banton - homeless
natural black - rise of the poor
VC - gwaan
junior X - freedom
louie culture - revolution song
yami bolo - mercy gone
Tristan palmer - peace
cocoa tea - blood a run
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 12:50AM
Rize'N entertainment - wassy
cali bud - fire ball
stone love - stampeed
2 Hard - liquid
Xplicit - wave
In the Streetz - violin
White Robins - the rebellion
Height of Heights - advanced
Geezy records - mudslide
Whole network - badman
Free Willy - Baba
MX productions - Crusha
CMP records - casino
digital 1 records - fun time
digital 1 records - lame like dog
big yard music - sorry fi dem
Mad money Bank a money - ganja wine
mixing lab - silicone
Jam 2 records - splash out
mixing lab - macca
Mo music productions - hurricane
Mo Fire records - zinc fence
Big Yard - salsa
Gold Pot - acid rock
Minor 7 Flat 5 - rain
Energy production - drop top
Big Jeans - All Out
Massive B - licks hot rewind
Birchill records - Cry Baby

Modern Roots
King of Kings - live wire
1st Foundation - golden seal
Rocky Gibbs - boxing
Irie Ites - Zion
Sip a Cup - wise man
the Worthington project - the ruler
Explorer recording - Travell
Royal Inity - mad notes
Kariang - Life
King Yard - river bed
Yellow moon - Fyah
Rashanco - breaking up
Five Star records - star boy
Belleville International - saga
E logic music group - inna dis
Truck Back records - dashboard
Island Ride music - Poison Ivy
Loony Bin - war dawg
Fire Mix label - hard way
Firecracker - insurgence
Builders - no mix up
John John - mad dog
KBC music - snap
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 01:59AM
Modern Roots Riddims box

Al Ta Fa An - Tsahai riddim
Twin Tower - smokey
Brighta Days Music - hopeful
Gibbo - wash belly
Minor 7 Flat 5 - 2 drop
Lustre Kings - red razor
Abijazz - smile
71 records - revelation come to pass
Brimstone & Fire - teachings of him
Purple skunk - tropical
Special Delivery Music - inna dis ya time
Pleasant Hill - Iystic in the clouds
Henfield records - waan buss
Prominent records - ba ba boom / narrow escape
Jackpot records - declaration of rights
Digital B - watch this sound
Twin bros records - modern style
Tappa - putting up resistance
Energy Beat - High praise
Pot of Gold - drifter
Flash records - medusa
Purple Skunk records - Istanbul
Young Blood records - impact
Positive Star promotion - bad mind
Shore Jam - life aint no game
Black Scorpio - Angel
Pow Pow productions - respond
Nap records - passion
Black Scorpio - cornmeal
Lionvibes - wild fire
LYNKZ Movement - summer rise
Thug Chemist Muzik - rasta revolution
Massive B - African Rock
Almz House records - Star 9
South Block - bingie trod
Cali Bud - stress
HMG records - never go under
Outa Sound records - golden hen / diseases
Steven Stanley - green valley
Pete music - swinging my love
Flava Squad Entertainment - ghetto strings
Chris records - time will tell
In the Streetz - carpenter
Reggae Central - higher meditation
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 02:11AM
If anyone wants the tunes I have on any particular riddims just ask...
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 02:27AM
For example AL TA FA AN "Tsahai" riddim
Anthony B - rasta man she love
Taffari - love by you
Sizzla - let us. b-side Fire Star - protect di little children
Perfect - astalavista. b-side. Lenn Hammond - could it be
Lutan Fyah - Learn di hard way. b-side Paul Elliot - live it up
Turbulence - black and proud
Chezidek - I and I
Spectacular - Guwey b-side. Chuck Fenda - Why
Mark Wonder - signs aint clear

Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 02:32AM
I start vacation next week so I can literally list everything in due time.
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 04:01AM
More singles

Danville- my ego
queen ifrica - what is life
buju banton - jungle to back a wall
beres hammond ft. pressure - putting up resistance
first born - mark of the beast
garnett silk - jah jah is the ruler
sugar Minott - jah teach them
singing melody - bless It again
little twitch - devil send you come
nanko - from ever since
tinga Stewart - Babylon
simpleton - real bad man
gyptian - beng beng
Roger robin - take it slow
teflon - victims
Wayne wonder - when I'm with you
buju banton - murderer
jamelody - pressure
natural black ft. sizzle - sufferation
pressure - ghetto life
pressure - blessed be
pressure - be free
I Wayne - in I arms
junior reid - man a free man
Morgan heritage ft. shabba ranks - dem a bawl
bushman - fire bun a weak heart
junior tucker - big chat
Barrington levy ft. sassafras - step up inna life
junior reid - please officer
Akon - ma ma Africa
cocoa tea - Barack Obama
reggie stepper - commanding wife
I-Octane - work
supercat - cry fi di youth
louie culture - the uprising
louie culture - donkey back
sizzla - volcano
sizzle - who rasta bless
garnett silk, Charlie Chaplin, cocoa tea - knee shall bow
konshens - music
Jah smood - freedom streets
jahmali - oh jah jah
ninjaman - reggae sunsplash
cobra - put down the guns
louie culture - lazy bench
wayne wonder - you are the reason
luciano - keep the music alive b.work things out
lutan fyah - seh dem a bad man
garnett silk - lion heart
million teeth - universal fire
hutchy - hard core
nachilus kezuck - war
damion jr gong marley - move b.there for you
bobby tenna - ghetto well red
I-eye - crazy world
I-eye - no matter
Landlord ft. Japka - wicked man
Robert Ffrench - talk about love
Ras Ackeem - letter to mama
Tanya Stephens - can't move me
Gregory Isaacs - spend the night
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 04:08AM
Re: Selling 45s???
November 29, 2018 04:21AM
Re: Selling 45s???
December 09, 2018 12:17AM
Back to the grind, tons of duplicate copies of tunes on modern roots riddims of the past 20 years
More lists soon come....
Re: Selling 45s???
December 09, 2018 12:30AM
sent a PM
Re: Selling 45s???
December 09, 2018 01:55AM
I've tried to PM all inquiries but I'm not sure my PM is working. Anyone serious PM your number and I can text you back for details questions etc.
Re: Selling 45s???
December 12, 2018 02:46AM
HiGrade & I need to come buy some

Respect Same Way
Re: Selling 45s???
December 12, 2018 03:51AM
Ras Adam and John Blaze both got a box so far. Happy to keep it moving.
Re: Selling 45s???
December 15, 2018 01:30AM
Nice another box to Ras Adam and Ras matches keep it moving.
Now 2000's dancehall riddim runs coming up to bump I have 10 boxes and need to cut it down to 5. Give thanks to the JA presses that kept these 45s going until 2008.
Modern Roots Riddim runs I'm still itching to get out to the massive, plus singles one offs extra copies etc.
Giving thanks snwmf family.
Keep the music alive!
Re: Selling 45s???
December 15, 2018 04:29AM
give thanks
Re: Selling 45s???
December 15, 2018 10:46PM
Right on John Blaze!!!
Re: Selling 45s???
December 16, 2018 12:28AM
A box to Ras Matches giving thanks to meet an irie bredren Keep the music Alive!!!! Thy cup runneth over!!
Re: Selling 45s???
December 19, 2018 03:06AM
Suess got a box, I even had Stevie Face featured on a couple riddims for him, one of his artists I presume. Big Ups snwmf family & crew!!!
Re: Selling 45s???
December 19, 2018 03:09AM
By the way US mail media rates are great, a box of 200 45s ships for $15 to $20, super reasonable.
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