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www.radio.garden ... Maximum Crucial

Posted by Peacemakeya 
www.radio.garden ... Maximum Crucial
November 18, 2018 04:19AM


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Radio Garden works like any other digital radio but, in this case, the world is your tuning dial. As you turn it with your mouse, gliding between borders, over cities and towns, it crackles and tunes into every station available in the area.

The project was designed by Amsterdam’s Studio Puckey ... It lets users listen to 7,877 radio stations in live time - around the world by dragging and dropping a pointer over a 3D Google Earth interface.

search in your crucial sounds world wide ... & can also zoom the geography resolution down to the street or bush level ... will be a fun geography teaching tool for the youth too

Re: www.radio.garden ... Maximum Crucial
November 18, 2018 02:56PM
Thanks for the link to radio.garden.
I went straight to Athens, Greece to find the station (107) I have listen to while in Athens over the past few years.
Wonderful.....great for local music around the world!

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