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Fundraiser for Quincy, Prezident Brown's Son!

Posted by ja_lover 
Fundraiser for Quincy, Prezident Brown's Son!
October 31, 2018 04:28PM
Fundraiser for Quincy

September 23, 2018
Today we have received a sad update from Kira that her cancer has progressed more and now it's in her lymph tissue, liver and spleen. She has been surviving the last 4 years with stage 4 ovarian cancer like a warrior and now in this place and time hospice is her reality.
As a mother her heart, mind, body and spirit are pushed onward for her sweet boy, Quincy. One of her many wishes is to see her young boy turn 8 in January and that he continues to be supported by their community once she passes on and leaves her body. I have listened to Kira and heard her wish that all money raised on this platform be used for Quincy's future. This campaign is linked directly to Quincy's bank account and it will bring his mother Kira some comfort during this trying time.
Please make this donation for every child who has lost their mother too soon, for every mother who has had to say goodbye when all she wanted was to stay and watch her child grow and bloom. For every grand baby that will never know their grandmother, for every life that ovarian cancer has effected and most of all for Quincy.

I also ask you to share this post far and wide in hopes of bringing awareness to this cruel disease and its horrors of taking mothers all too soon.
Re: Fundraiser for Quincy, Prezident Brown's Son!
November 15, 2018 05:23PM
FYI- Kira passed last night! Rest ina Zion!
Re: Fundraiser for Quincy, Prezident Brown's Son!
November 15, 2018 11:40PM
whoever sent me a private email today, I cannot open it. sad smiley
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