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2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018

Posted by jcom 
2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 12, 2018 06:26PM
Is anyone on here going to this? Utah, if you've been or not, has drastically changed over the last 2 decades. Medical MJ is going to be legalized this November, tons of reggae tours hit SLC and Park City, etc. Regardless, weed is not an issue here anymore (especially in Wasatch County with Park City being the largest ski resort in the USA)....ironically, even 60% of Mormons (who are rapidly becoming the minority) support it by 60+%...statewide it's well over 70%) I must say that the venue for this site is one of the best I've ever seen. It's better IMO than ROTR and and this other one in NorCal....ahem (sorry, no harm, no foul), but it's right below a major reservoir with nice and cool (and rapidly flowing...ROTR algae drip there these days) rivers on each side of the venue. It's regularly a big RV/Cabin site, but RRU is leasing it for the 2nd year for a 3 day festival. What makes it so unique is that Heber City is 5 minutes away (Walmart, ACE, cafes, fast food, etc, etc...& Park City (home of the Sundance Film Festival is 15 minutes away and is as far left as you could ever imagine....very libera....@#$%& tons of bars and restaurants, ziip lines, and YOU MUST do the Alpine Slide....best in the world!l)....then SLC (which has been voted the 2nd friendliest LGBT city in the US several times (our mayor is openly lesbian and awesome....we've had blue mayors since I was born 40 something years ago) is 45 minutes away from the airport!!!! Anyway, this venue is crazy. If you look at the venue site on Google Earth or Google Maps Satellite, you can see it was shot early on the 1st day of the festival last year. This year's lineup is much better IMO.and I envision it only getting better and better in the years to come. The site has tons of RV parking, Yurts, about 50 Cabins, and 5 camping zones....not to mention that Park City has over 100 hotels within 20 minutes from venue. We are staying at Zurmatt in Midway (9 mins away) and they will have 24hr free shuttles to/from venue about 2 miles southwest of the site). Again, I'm a Utah native, and would normally not say F-all, but the secret is already out. This is no rinky dink festival, it's for real. Bless


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Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 12, 2018 08:46PM
For the past 7years Ive spent the first week of June grading Advanced Placement Calculus exams in Kansas City MO (and always look forward to visiting Scotti B and Linda)

But we were told the grading venue is switching to Salt Lake City next year. Haven't been there in ages except to visit Papa Pilgrim when he was still in his earthly existence. Nice to hear Reggae is still live and booming in SLC.

Would love to meet in person when I pass thru next June, so let's stay in touch. If there's any Reggae while I'm there, count me in!

Jah Son
Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 12, 2018 10:14PM
It’s almost the exact same lineup as Dry Diggings in Placerville on Labor Day Weekend.
Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 13, 2018 08:38PM
Reggae shows have always been big in Utah (I know, ironic eh). But I've seen Alpha Blondy 3 times in Utah, so that says something. Reggae Rise Up is the real deal. If you explore the website, it's truly unique. Heber City is just down the way (literally 5 - 10 mins) and has a Kroger, Walmart, etc. etc. etc. Then Park City (which is as liberal and non-Utah as you can get, home of Sundance Film Festival, starts right of 1-80). I seriously can't believe that this is, crossing fingers, bound to become a truly annual event (this is its 2nd year). Rivers on both sides of venuews to cool off...and not algae filled, stagnant water like ROTR....fresh water right out of the dam. Cooler mountain air (will be 80s during day and cool at nights). Jordanelle Reservoir right above it with camping and yet another nice place to take a dip and Deer Creek Reservoir right below....ditto on the swim thing. 50 Cabins, dozens of yurts, a @#$%& ton of RV stalls, unlimited camping both on and off site, 100s of mid - 5 star hotels within 5 - 20 minutes, and 45 minutes from international airport. Yes, I am biased being a native Utahn (living in Colorado now), but I've been going to festivals since I was 16 (with my fake I.D. ha ha ). 43 yrs. old now but I'm turning 45! at the festival...ugghh. All that being said, I've never seen such a perfect venue for a 3 day festival. Blessings that it only grows and will continue to attract bigger and bigger acts. This year is much better than last year's IMO (not a SOJA fan), but it's going to be insane!!! We are staying at the Zermatt Resort and there will be 24/7 free shuttles running.
Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 13, 2018 10:52PM
Except better, IMO humble opinion. I didn't go last year because the lineup blew ass. I'm not a Rebelution or SOJA fan at all. (Maybe Rebelution will change my mind a bit if I hang around long enough this year). I think both bands are pretty cheesy. SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army?). Give me a break.

Love Stephen Marley and he sounds as close to his pops as any of his sons, again IMO (listen to 'Mama' on Joy and Blues....best ZM&MM album is 'One Bright Day').

I think it's an insult to Steel Pulse to have them listed below Rebelution and SOJA as headliners but, hey, I'm getting old and times are changing. Still love Steel Pulse, but they are nothing like they used to be during their 1st 5 or 6 albums (the last really good one was Babylon the Bandit being the last big show of theirs that was breath taking) RIP Steve " Grizzly" Nesbitt. Still, I tip my hat to David and Selwyn for keeping it rolling after 40+ years. 1st time I saw Steel Pulse was 1988 on BtB tour and they did a cover of Bobby Brown's "My Perogative". It was nice! Handsworth Revolution and Tribute to the Martyrs can't be touched, with an honorable mention to Caught You". Earth Crisis and True Democracy have their own, special places in my heart but, the aformentioned 1st three albums of theirs deserve their own category.

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Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 14, 2018 02:26PM
Looks real nice Jcom thumbs up

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Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
August 27, 2018 11:10PM
What an amazing weekend, venue, music, food, arts/crafts, river, mountains, etc. etc. Can't wait until 2019!!
Re: 2nd Annual Reggae Rise Up Utah - 2018
September 01, 2018 12:32AM

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