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KingstonRudieSka CD 3rd Kind

Posted by jahson 
KingstonRudieSka CD 3rd Kind
July 30, 2018 07:29AM
Was wondering if anyone picked up this CD at the festival, and if so, could they help me decipher the track titles?

Took me a while to figure out they are printed sideways, and then in a very difficult to read font

I've had two eye surgeries since last April and don't really see very well anymore (getting older is hell sometimes!).

could use the help of a sharper eye.

I can decipher that track 1 is the title track...3rd kind, and I could tell from the lyrics that track 11 is Burning Desire, but that's about it.

thanks in advance

Jah Son
Re: KingstonRudieSka CD 3rd Kind
July 30, 2018 04:09PM

1 3rd Kind
2 시간이 멈춰있다 / Summer Beach
3 니 말이 화나 / You Make Me Angry
4 Dandelion
5 Ska Heaven
6 지금 즐기지 못하는 건 / Enjoy The Moment
7 January Kismet
8 두 계절의 린 / Two Seasons Of Lynn
9 Tomorrow
10 Well, You Needn't
11 Burning Desire
12 JG's Babble Reggae
13 너 때문이야 / Because Of You
Re: KingstonRudieSka CD 3rd Kind
July 30, 2018 08:49PM
thank you!!!!
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