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Midnite/Akae Beka

Posted by Rasagenor 
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
September 15, 2019 04:12PM

colored pencil portrait by solitadia

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Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
September 27, 2019 10:13PM
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October 04, 2019 10:03PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
November 05, 2019 07:20PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
December 29, 2019 08:12PM
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December 29, 2019 08:28PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 03, 2020 12:05AM
Ras Elijah Tafari wrote:

" The Scroll of Reasons"
"Evah Loving Jah 411 Psalms 114 The Reason" Akae Beka / Rastar Records 2020
Evah Loving Jah
"411 Psalms 114 The Reason"
Akae Beka / Rastar Records 2020 Akae Beka
Produced by Vaughn Benjamin & Ras Elyment Records for Rastar Records
Single available on January 1, 2020 at rastarrecords.com
from the forthcoming album DEFENDJAH releasing January 21

Artist Statement from the illustrator, Ras Elijah Tafari:
The Scroll of "Reasons", to accompany " Evah Loving Jah."
The Hieroglyphs of Ras Elijah Tafari.
Besime ābi Wewelidi Wewelidi wemenifesi k’idusi āḥādu Amilaki። ānidi Amilaki.
In the Name of the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One God.
Jah Rastafari, Haile Selassie I.

This is one of the most serious pieces I have done and the experience and meditation taught I. Praise Jah.
Prelude: It was after the Afrikin Conference in Miami when I received a phone call from, one of the producers of Akae Beka's music, Mr. Bonitto, known as Ebna "Naciamaj Uhuru" Makonnen. Head of Rastar Records. He was moved and encouraging and spoke of how Akae Beka knew all this would happen. That he left works and mediations, as well as message. The Message was the "Reasons" or 411. I listened to what the Rastaman said, Genesis (Bereshith) 4;11, Psalms 9 (Tehillim) 114 and Revelations 11;4. I noticed that the numbers where in sync with the day Akae Beka transcended, and I inquired, " did Akae Beka know the date?" his response was " does that sound like I, he knew, and he wrote a book and has left a message to decipher. He also said he wanted this song released that Akae Beka and Ras Elyement created. Called " Evah Loving Jah ". Read the verses and draw...it will come to you." ...and so it began..
The Scroll of " Reasons ":
This is a map of humanity and it a specific vein, and view.. It begins with a War in Heaven, where angels fell and angels rose. The angels sketched in the scroll are as seen in the mural Emperor Haile Selassie I had created in His University of H.I.M. on His Throne and Babylon weeping as Angels are at War in the background. It is perhaps the most powerful Mural/ fresco ever painted.The War in Heaven in where it started and is written on in the Book of Enoch. The Scroll then has on each side a tree that is a Genetic strand of the Tree of "R" Life and the Tree of "X" Knowledge. The tree's are markers in the history of Biblical brothers that have had conflicts that would alter the future.It then begins on Earth as Abel and Cain. As I draw out the brothers I reflect on Genesis Chapter 4 verse 11. "Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand."...A polar reality had entered the Earth, one which altered the genetics of man and mankind. One where in time the term "brothers" would be symbolic and applied to nations as bredren. This family line would morph into evolutions of jealously and deception. What I found interesting and profound was as I mapped out each brother, I came to Abraham, and remembered that Akae Beka had asked the same questions, ( last hour, Oregon show 2015 I think) where he asked about was it right, Issac being chosen over Ishmael, was Sarah right and Haggar wrong,..was it fair..this would birth a whole philosophy that is the foundation of Islamic Abrahamic views...It was a judgement that was made that InI certainly couldn't condone, without seeing through Jah's eyes for thousands of years. You may also see two mysterious people linked to Issac and Ishmael, these are the 2 brothers not followed in Bible, and are links to others books, and histories including India. The Genetic chain continues to Moses and Aaron whom had different conflicts, and again the younger brother would lead. It would take days to go into the all the ways that each story of these brothers would reflect two opposite views that through the Scriptures reflect mankind personal and national struggles. What I learned is like Jacob, many actions by each side is intermixed. Jacob, though would be the father of Israel, was full of distrust and distain. As a thief, I drew him holding onto his brothers heal. There is a Yin and Yang effect and more. There is good in the bad and bad in the good, it is bigger than that. It would reach a peak with King Solomon's Sons.

According to the "Kebra Negast" Solomon had three sons, One would destroy Israel (Rehobam), and one that went to Rome (Jerobam) . Though Ethiopia and Rome after this point would be known as a brother to its sister Italy, however they are brothers in that same view and continued in that step for hundreds of years. Menelik, only Son of the Queen of Sheba would establish Ethiopia as Judah and Zion. After both nations had become Christian nations that we would see them in battle with each other, including about Christianity theology and which books to promote, in its debates established the Orthodox Church separate from the Catholic Church. There is a clear clash and Rome wanted to be Ethiopia literally rather than symbolically. (See. Kebra Nagast "Concerning the King of Rômê and the King of Ethiopia"winking smiley . They sought to colonize Ethiopia first in 1896 and later in 1936.
Upon the Coronation of the King of Kings, We witnessed That Which Had Always Been and Always Will Be Elected the Body of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Asfaw Menen as Its perfect representatives. Through their genetics they have linked both sides of the tree's and have the Ark Angels by them historically and in present. Hence why The Emperor in His Peaks has the mountain presence of Ark Angel Michael and the Ark Angel Gabriel. H.I.M. and .H.I.M. (His Imperial Majesty and Her Imperial Majesty) joined the blood of King David, and Prophet Mohammed PBUH, continuing the Oldest Monarchy and Christian Kingdom on Earth with the Power of the Ark of the Covenant with the Legacy of the instructions Ark Angels. This was the gem of the Earth that many nations coveted, and after participating in the First Solomonic Coronation in 1930, first witnessed by the World and upon hearing His New Name, Emperor Haile Selassie I is Earth's Rightful Ruler, and The Conquering Lion of Judah, Light of the World, Root of David and King of Kings, many nations began plotting against H.I.M. which would change the Earth as it was known.

Psalm 114 KJV " When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;
2 Judah was his sanctuary, and Israel his dominion.

3 The sea saw it, and fled: Jordan was driven back.

4 The mountains skipped like rams, and the little hills like lambs.

5 What ailed thee, O thou sea, that thou fleddest? thou Jordan, that thou wast driven back?

6 Ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams; and ye little hills, like lambs?

7 Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob;

8 Which turned the rock into a standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters.

The Spiritual and Physical bondage of the African Man , Women and Child has been the motive for a renewed people for along time. The idea's of Egypt due to bondage in the West has made it polarized yet part of the prophecy. For Egypt has been in bondage for the last 2500 years while Ethiopia has been free until invaded for 5 years in 1936. When in 1930, Ethiopia had publicly stretched forth Her Hands Unto God and All Nations heard that Emperor Haile Selassie I is the Conquering Lion of Judah. Psalms 87, Revelations 5;5. In 1936 when Italy attacks, a spiritual awakening to the World happens as a Powerful Christian Empire drops bombs on the Oldest Christian Country who are defenseless. It was witnessed in its gruesomeness as the Red Cross was bombed with all races attacked and burned on film. Due to the disease of Racism and inaction, the warnings made in Geneva were ignored and the World fell into World War 2. The Africans across the Earth would see Haile Selassie I as their Father and they as Princes to come out of Egypt. The death of Mussolini is a time marker and reminder of the fate that no one saw coming for Fascism's head, as the reality of collective security was realized and His Imperial Majesty was restored to the Throne.

The relevance to the verse in Psalm 114 to the " Reasons" now are such, remember Moses, and remember his transcendence revealed that Jah People were enabled though he brought His Security and see Joshua will raise them to find direction through guidance. As waters move and mountains skip so That Which Always Was and Always Will Be is given and turn rocks into water. The Heads of Leaders are mountains, and sometimes they skip out. However Haile Selassie I stays and the Earth Trembles at the Presence of God.

The Image Below His Imperial Majesty speaking to the League of Nations, reflects the period of 1945 to 1974 and the building of The United Nations. The sudden death of President Roosevelt left a gaping hole between the poor nations and the old money of colonial nations. The USA was supposed to be a middle man so to speak as it was a new country and didn't see a future in colonialism or world war..this was until President Truman who followed. After dropping the first Nuclear weapons he changed the reality and power objectives and agendas of the USA and the World. This would slow the importance and weight of the United Nations from inception, and would pose a bigger problem that would be addressed as "Human Rights" in the streets and the emergence of the Separate body founded by Emperor Haile Selassie I as well called the Organization for African Unity, now the A.U. During these 29 years between 1945 and 1974 the world witness the emergence of over 74 free nations many of them due to His Imperial Majesties Collective Efforts. You may see a small figure walking up the stairs with an X as a shadow and that is Malcolm X when he was in Ethiopia and was given direction to create the O.A.A.U. During this period Co-intel-pro and secret clandestine missions were exploding is reaction to a new world that wanted rights and representation. The Military industrial complex was in full effect. As nations fought for freedom, war became a monopolized method of building economy and determined as necessary by Western powers. Arms races and competition for control became a neo colonial force that would use capitalism as a weapon. The powers of the Eagle, Dragon and Bear carried out their plan. This would mark a new period, which is from 1974 after Atse Haile Selassie I disappeared.

The Part has the words " Red Terror" on a wall representing the "War in Zion" that spread across the Earth, and the protesters became fewer. The period of the late 70's and 80's was a resurgence in genocide and extermination through multiple avenues. Ethiopia experienced terrible suffering and wickedness of the Earth that had reached her gates. The birth rate begins to decrease , and prison rates soar. Individualism becomes the new religion. One Island becomes louder for their call for Justice and Human Rights, that is Jamaica with the Voice of Bob Marley, also known as Berhane Selassie who would create International explosion of Rastafari minded and centered youth. This voice would be a witness and reminder to where we must go, and as a collective Jamaica became the voice of a dispersed Beta Israel that wailed the message of Moses. A message that was united in the Spirit of Christ as Christ was united with Moses in Mathew 17, Bob Marley would become an Olive Tree and Lighthouse. Years later, The Solomonic Dynasty would speak about how Rastafari people and Bob Marley lit a fire for the World and Ethiopia to remember what they stood for, and respect the Power and Purpose of The Conquering Lion of Judah. Rastafari would evolve and live the Ethiopianist and Pan African perspectives making them reality in any opportunity presented.

As the 80's becomes the 90's the International Snakes have formed a globalist movement of control using banks, oil and fear to strangle the Earth. The beginning of Climate change is felt and it is approaching Midnite. It is now the Early 90's and technology is exploding. The beginning of a new era has begun and the Band Midnite has been created. At this point is when Vaughn Benjamin began teaching and witnessing of the Greatness of Our God and King, and expanded on the teachings and meanings of all of creation and its relationship with the King. He would open out the inner and outer, and the reasons for polarity. The Bridges build and broken, and the Ancestors within. He would elaborate about the planets and the moon's reflecting the face of Emperor Haile Selassie I, and that Woman holds, carries and reflects the King within. In that time Vaughn Benjamin unceasingly worked and taught, and made families all across the Earth, that became strong and built together. People across the Earth began rising up, Ethiopia toppled the Communist DERG.

Into the 2010's enters the period of self reflection and revolution internationally. In 2012, Ras Sadiki-I has a vision from Jah and goes to Ethiopia to speak to the Guardian Monk in Axum Keeper of the Ark of the Covenant. He shares the vision and the Guardian Monk speaks with the Creator and allows him to paint the fence but explains in order for the dome to be fixed, he must build a new church to hold the Ark of Covenant. Ras Sadiki-I accepts and is the only person to be baptized by the Guardian Monk, who welcomes him as his son. The Ras would call on the Ras of the Earth to come together to build the new church. The Church was completed in 2015 and symbolized a collective effort to build the Body of Humanity. The last Ones to build the Church or temple for the Ark was Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Asfaw Menen. The Biblical and Spiritual importance of they building The Body of Christ which is what the Church symbolize, The Ark is the Heart and the Commandments the Living God in Ones Heart. The importance of fixing the Head or Dome, and rebuilding something new, from us all collectively is long and worthy mediation. I choose to use a real photo for this part only to venerate the reality of it and that this is a new photo, one where you can now see the dome of St. Mary's of Axum being repaired. Which also means the Ark of the Covenant was moved recently, to the Church next door, which you can see.

This period in which marks 2015 till now, it is when the name Akae Beka is heard and seen for the first time in Human History. It is now past Midnite and the hour glass of time is broke. Waters are rising, and the storms are coming. Amist this Akae Beka stands and those who are his producers stand and circle around him. They are symbolized as suns that orbit around Akae Beka. The Beginning and End are all present in the Book of Enoch in which we are in the middle of. In a multiple of witness formats, he creates more than 72 albums, combined with written word and poetry. He teaches of His Imperial Majesty being announced by Christ and more. He reminds the people of the Words of John 16, and sings of being a lampstand, or a lighthouse. He explored the inversions of names and letters and pointed it out ever where, and well as the Name of YWH, of the Trinity on Everything. It was pre written. And as a olive tree and lighthouse he is drawn, which leads us to Revelations 11;4. "These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth."

As Berhane Selassie was voice and movement of Moses, so it is for sure That Akae Beka is the voice and movement of Enoch/Elijah/ Eliah..(Haile). In the Quran, Elijah and Enoch are the same person. The name becomes translated into Idris, and contemporarily means "Student". It is because he is the first student of Jah that was taken to the Heavens and came back to Earth and they see the same movements from Elijah. That the Ark Angels spoke and directed Enoch, wrote for him. Today the Arabic word for School/University is linked to this teaching, "Madrassa" from Idris or D-R-S.

InI are his students and Akae Beka is our voice in his Song. Many feel the same about Berhane Selassie. There are two witnesses.

As Emperor Haile Selassie I is Our King of Kings in this time and forever more, So is Iyesus Christos, who stands forever with Lord of Hosts and with the Oath of Michael the Ark Angel, as Akae Beka. An Unchanging Covenant. The Alpha and Omega. That which forever was, is, and will be. Evah Loving Jah.

Praise Jah!

In the Name of the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One God. Jah Rastafari, Haile Selassie I.

Ras Elijah Tafari.

Dec. 2019

"Scroll of Reasons"
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 03, 2020 01:42PM

2020 Akae Beka (Go Gi Jah Praise) New Single release to come.
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January 03, 2020 01:49PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 04, 2020 05:25PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 06, 2020 09:55PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 07, 2020 02:01AM
I may have to make a road trip to Nevada City the weekend of the 24th. I turn 50 on the 25th, so would be a nice way to celebrate...
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 08, 2020 10:46PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 09, 2020 06:46AM
Just discovered this Midnite track from "Kayamagan" a few days ago and can't get enough:

Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 09, 2020 11:11AM

Ras Elijah Tafari wrote:

So much things to say right now...Let Jah Be Praised. So many of you are aware of the uniqueness of the moment and this release of AKAE BEKA, DEFENDJAH. I would like to share some of what I am witnessing though it may be limited due to I scope of awareness. We have many unique and powerful one's that surround Akae Beka, there is no past tense. These one's have their own special place and purpose and will be inclined to do what they should do and with whom they should work. Within that field I do not want to simply see Good, I want to see Righteous and Holy works. Likewise when I make a piece of art I will spend often longer on a piece than the entire record took to make. I do this because it's about doing the Best I can do..period. With anything that involves Akae Beka, I love when time and thought is put into every mix and action. With that said, I am actually pleased that Rastar Recordz has decided to postpone the release of the album, and only offer it in hard copies at first. I think is a wise and over due move, that actually allows the manufacturer and producers to handle distribution and not give it to youtube through whomever wishes to upload it. I personally feel that youtube, spotify, apple music and iTunes have been robbing the musicians and there is an alternative motive concerning publishing, payments, royalties and rights. It takes some serious study to realize how to not be exploited. So when the Hard Copies are made they will be sent off, and you can pre-order a copy as well. When will it happen,..Jah knows, like everything involved with this particular album it is mystic, and full of unusual turns. We are a strange and peculiar people it has been said.

Next topic is the Scroll, and words that accompany it. We will offer " The Scroll of Reasons" with the explantation and hopefully a t-shirt as part of a package. That is in the mix, and I will let you know as it comes. With anything it is better to take your time. ..I know this may be off subject but I wanted to say something, Beyond what the politics are between the US and Iran, after watching the funeral of General Solomani, and watching how 50 people died attending the funeral because they were stepped on in a stampede hit a powerful cord of truth...No one can hurt you or embarrass you more than yourself, if you move to quickly, being ran by emotions you will trample yourself. Iranians aren't the first or last, which is why this is more than a parable, when we take our time we are able to move in accord rather than discord. Anytime people walk on each other its a bad deal, from Walmart to the KabbaStone Hear INI. So with that, we are taking the time to make sure all is in accord with the One, in the Power of the Trinity moved by the Holy Spirit. Haile Selassie I. Jah Bless you all, Prayers of Power and Protection. Link anytime if the Spirit Moves.
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 09, 2020 03:17PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 12, 2020 08:29PM
Re: Midnite/Akae Beka
January 13, 2020 08:37PM
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