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Grizzly RIP

Posted by Ras_Adam 
Grizzly RIP
January 18, 2018 08:14PM
Selwyn Brown wrote:

To all my family and friends, it is with a heavy heart I can confirm that my brother, friend and fellow Steel Pulse founding member Steve “Grizzly” Nisbett has passed away this morning. I’m still in a daze as I write this as I never thought I would have to, even though we all know that this time comes to all of us
Re: Grizzly RIP
January 18, 2018 10:39PM
Re: Grizzly RIP
January 19, 2018 09:01PM
Sidney Mills wrote:

My heart is saddened by the news of the passing of my mentor, Grizzly (Steve Nisbett). From the very first day that I joined Steel Pulse, he took me under his wing and taught me how to survive this long being on the road. I owe most of my touring experience to him and my outlook on life. We received the news while on tour on the Jamcruise. Last night’s show was totally in his honour. I can't explain the emotional ride it has been. We all trying to hold up and keep it together while out at sea. Please send your prayers to his family, friends and fans, and know he's in a better resting place of the genius. More Love... Sidney
Re: Grizzly RIP
January 23, 2018 09:58PM
Re: Grizzly RIP
February 24, 2018 01:44PM
Re: Grizzly RIP
February 26, 2018 07:42PM
That coffin is stylin!!! Sending Grizzly off proper.
Re: Grizzly RIP
March 12, 2018 12:23AM
As David Hinds would say “come down grizzly quick”. Rest in power Grizzly. You will be missed dearly.
Re: Grizzly RIP
March 14, 2018 06:50PM
Glad I got to see him with SP more times than I could count. Rest in Power, brother! I know that David, Selwyn, and the crew are heart broken. Grizzly would want nothing more than for the music to continue. Their 1st four albums are mind blowing and among my favorite (understatement).
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