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Alpha Blondy at Rototom

Posted by Da_realest 
Alpha Blondy at Rototom
August 22, 2017 01:56AM
Just came back from a week at Rototom. It was a blast and well worth the travel. Alpha Blondy was closing out the main stage on Friday night but quit after about 45 minutes. People tried to say he was sad about the attacks in Barcelona but the way it went down was so weird. The festival MC's were really embarrassed.
Re: Alpha Blondy at Rototom
August 25, 2017 08:29PM
Can you provide details as to why you think it went down weird? Were the technical difficulties leading up to his abrupt ending? Was he saying anything on the mic? Any insight is appreciated, thanks!
Re: Alpha Blondy at Rototom
August 25, 2017 09:09PM
Here's some insight from the Reggaeville review:

FRIDAY - AUGUST 18th 2017
Today was a little somber as the terrorist attacks in Spain over the last few days seemed to bring a cloud, especially during Main Stage headliner Alpha Blondy’s set. Pimped out in a red suit and bright yellow overcoat, Alpha was on a mission: “Nobody can use God to justify a crime… thou shall not kill!” He then went on to discuss his feelings about God and Allah, much of which I couldn’t understand due to his accent. However he and his nine piece band definitely delivered on the music with many classic hits including Cocody Rock but as soon as they picked up steam, about 55 minutes in, he went back to politics and peace. Then after starting a new song, he and his band abruptly exited the stage. It was such a surprise that the MCs just thought Alpha was taking a break before his encore and encouraged the crowd to call him back. However after popping off stage and then back on, the MC said: “We tried to speak with him and please come onstage. So tonight we close here at the main stage, sorry. Let us explain. Alpha is not coming back.” This was the first disappointment of Rototom and you could hear a minority of the fans booing. The set was probably cut short 30-45 minutes and the rumor was that Alpha wasn’t happy with the sound. Others speculated that he was getting attitude from some of the crowd up front about his vocal political views.

Re: Alpha Blondy at Rototom
August 26, 2017 04:23PM
Re: Alpha Blondy at Rototom
August 28, 2017 03:43PM
The article give's a pretty spot on review of what I could see from the back of the masses. That is definitely what happened with the MC's. At first they were like call Alpha back then, then a couple seconds later a lady MC said, "Alpha is not coming back, we are so sorry!"

Looking back on it, the attack the day before in Barcelona certainly changed the tenor of the festival and just the town in general which is understandable. After the attack in Barcelona on Thursday afternoon, that evening the police killed 4 more suspected terrorists 1 hour south of Barcelona in a town called Cambrils which is about 1 hour away from Benicassim and Rototom. So overall, I would say the festival did a good job of carrying on despite the circumstances, Nattali Rize was really good.

On another sad note, the beaches in Benicassim are amazingly beautiful but always do take care when in the water. On Tuesday, the week of the festival, a young man named Ibra from Senegal passed away in the water. I made a donation to help get him back to his parents in Senegal. Hope he made it.
Re: Alpha Blondy at Rototom
September 11, 2017 04:17AM
The passing of the young man was indeed quite sad. The festival matched the donations from the fans and his body was returned to his family, according to a statement on the festival website.
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