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ROTR Aug 3-6th

Posted by Ras_Adam 
ROTR Aug 3-6th
July 18, 2017 10:00PM
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
July 18, 2017 11:24PM
Next Thursday, July 27, I'll be running my ROTR special including interviews with Nkulee Dube and Lutan Fyah. Tune in.

Positive Vibrations w/DJ Treez | Tahoe's Reggae Show | Thursday Nights 10pm | 101.5 FM KTKE | truckeetahoeradio.com
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
July 19, 2017 06:03AM
The "Eye in the Sky" will be flying high. I will be there. Look for the 3 foot eye ball balloon floating above Camp1Dread. Come cat hello. You can call me Red.

Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
July 19, 2017 07:10PM
Assassin aka Agent Sasco ~>>>> thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

1 of the 1st tunes I remember hearing Assassin

one love-juan love
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 03, 2017 02:11AM
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 03, 2017 03:13AM
Ouch. Well that explains a lot. It's hard to say what the answers are i don't think more of slightly stupid is it. Go small. Get sponsors. The name has value.

Love that reggae!
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 05, 2017 06:34AM
Weakest lineup in reggae history. Been 20 years and only went to music bowl to see three or four artist perform. Left Sunday night for the first time ever. Sundays lineup was a joke. Who ever did the talent scouting this year needs to be fired.

I also don't believe they are in debt. $40 for parking and $40 for getting there too early. Come on...someone made some bank on that one.

One last thing, don't sell $150 early bird four (4) day tickets. Most people will pay more. Charge more!!!

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Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 05, 2017 01:44PM
I think Cali Roots has had a bigger impact on this festival than anyone predicted. I also think that the line up could have been better. Yes there were some big bands and for some reason I thought there were more than what the flyer shows. I would agree that Sunday needed some serious help. Contrary to popular opinion I don't blame Slightly Stoopid at all. They just didn't have enough big bands to draw from all age groups and styles of music.
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 05, 2017 03:55PM
I agree the line-up was kinda weak this year, but not the worst in history. That would be a few years ago when they had Alborosie, Cham, & Stephen Marley as headliners. I ended up skipping that year altogether because the line-up was soft from top to bottom. At least this year there were 2-3 artists that I wanted to see each day.

And IMO this year Sunday was the best day, I mean what's not to like about Marla Brown, Dezarie, and Lutan Fyah back-to-back-to-back? I admit the Sly & Robbie showcase was kinda weak, but seeing Dezrie followed by Lutan Fyah was the highlight of the festival for me. To each their own I guess....
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 05, 2017 04:32PM
there was no problem with the headliners this year.. it just got too think too quick
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 05, 2017 07:43PM
It's been 10 years since Reggae Rising(2008), maybe that Phoenix is still in the fire? Bring back Monterey Bay reggae fest!
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 06, 2017 05:01PM
too thin... respect to J Boog.. he shouldn't be the 2nd biggest draw on Saturday Night... that is a Jr Gong slot.. or a Bounty Killer slot... in other words.. a Hall of Fame spot... Slighty Stoopid should be there but not as the final act on the biggest night. Where is the Steel Pulse, the Burning Spear?
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 06, 2017 05:29PM
bring back Monterey bait and switch Festival? he's done, not gonna happen!!
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 06, 2017 05:59PM
I totally agree about the Saturday headliners, Ninja. I ended up skipping J Boog & S.S., which is a shame because Saturday night should be the biggest night of the festival!
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 06, 2017 07:46PM
Never thought I would see the day when Sierra has more headliners than ROTR... what I mean by headliners is bands who people under the age of 40 want to see. No offense intended to Sierra but I just assumed ROTR had the dollars to boast that kind of line up. I really do think Cali Roots is cutting into their show way more than Sierra. People come to Sierra because of its size and it's vibe. TO ME.. ROTR is a young persons event... just like Cali Roots.
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 06, 2017 11:28PM
It's really sad to know that the Mateel is struggling. I spent a few years living in mountain towns that didn't have any music venues, festivals, and very few community events. It really helped me see how the Mateel lights up the so hum area with constant events, a world renowned reggae festival, free meals for those in need, facilitation of youth programs, and more.... I don't want to imagine what so hum would be like without the mateels presence, especially during this shifting time.

I agree with a lot of the comments about ROTR's choices of headliners this year. It seemed like they were trying to tap in to more of that Cali Roots market, and build attendance that way. To me it also seemed like they were playing it super safe with headliner choices after all the heat they caught last year for booking Sizzla. I appreciate the fact that there are folks out there who love bands like stick figure and slightly stoopid, and I respect the amount of work ethic those bands display, but the sound is just not for me.. It seems like a lot of folks shared that sentiment. I went back to camp and took a nap during stick figure friday, as well as during jboog and slightly stoopid. Both nights I woke up and went to check the late night sound system vibes after headliners were over.

I thought there were some really amazing sets throughout the weekend at ROTR this year.... some that I'll remember forever. Those sets just happened to be early day time and late night sets this year rather than headliners. Dub Smashers late night set that started at 4:30 and went til after sunrise was one for the books.
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 23, 2017 09:20PM
Calling Carol Bruno.... and bring your rolodex (please).
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 24, 2017 02:51PM
I wasn't at RotR and haven't been in years, however, I attend reggae festivals all over the world. This year I went to Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim Spain for the second time. I call it the United Nations of Reggae. There is so much to learn from Rototom Sunsplash. I have an extensive article coming out next week published by Island Stage Magazine with nearly 40 photos. Within the article is a video link to the history and background describing how the festival became what it is today even after facing the most discouraging adversarial conditions. Michael Kuelker called the video 'fascinating.' I urge those interested in the reggae festival topic to read the article and watch the video. My personal suggestion is for American reggae festival promoters not to rely on historical formulas. The industry goes through constant changes. Research, relevancy and rebirth requires time and study. Rototom has discovered a perfection of massive proportions attracting over 200.000 people. Rototom is a reggae city and the epitome of a good vibes educational and entertaining event where multitudes of countries, cultures and languages come together in unity, the true objective of reggae music. And guess what...Stick Figure was one of the featured artists among giant reggae headliners and the crowd roared.Preview Rototom, The United Nations of Reggae

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Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 24, 2017 03:33PM
Did anyone attend the meeting last week on the future of Reggae On The River? What was the final out come?
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
September 25, 2017 04:45PM
there was no specific outcome, mostly just talking about ideas

Respect Same Way
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
October 25, 2017 04:25AM
Here’s an editorial on the meeting:


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Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
October 25, 2017 06:58PM
wow.. that sound ominous.. thanks for the link
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
October 25, 2017 11:08PM
yeesh. I've got a bad feeling it's gonna be the 'Bud Light Reggae on the River' festival.

Love that reggae!
Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
October 26, 2017 04:14AM
California Roots presents Hardly Strictly Reggae on the River 2018 ... .... No?

I think its time to reboot again and scale back again to 2-days or 3-days. Remember the reboot after Rising? That was cool

The saddest part is Mateel not being able to continue programs ,especially the free Mateel Meal, for people that are hungry. With falling cannabis prices, maybe the tri-county should focus on growing organic food products? Or maybe I’m just being too idealistic

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Re: ROTR Aug 3-6th
October 26, 2017 03:44PM
less acts.. more quality... less VIP.. more inclusive.. just a start but well needed
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