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Posted by Ras_Adam 
June 28, 2017 09:42PM
Re: Chronology
June 28, 2017 09:50PM
This guy was on point at Sierra Nevada! Can't get enough! If you don't see what is so special I gotta question if you are blind. Not only is his music special he is also incredibly humble for the amount of hype he has gotten.
Re: Chronology
June 30, 2017 01:23AM
"Originally slated for release on June 30, naming down sample clearances has pushed the date the public can get Chronology on CD, vinyl, or through streaming and download to July 7."


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Re: Chronology
June 30, 2017 04:24PM
Heard the track with his pops, Chronicle, on Seani B's radio show yesterday. What a track that is! Can't wait for this album.
Re: Chronology
June 30, 2017 06:27PM
Re: Chronology
June 30, 2017 06:29PM
Nice, Thanks Ras Adam! Can't wait for this album!
Re: Chronology
July 07, 2017 08:13PM
Today is the day! Just listened to whole album and am really impressed.
Re: Chronology
July 09, 2017 02:15AM
Coney Island Reggae things yard and broad: Chronixx Time by Carter Van Pelt

blessid love
ras danny
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Re: Chronology
July 09, 2017 11:50AM
Thanks Ras Danny!

Joshua Jones (left) and Chronixx, New Haven, Connecticut, July 2014. Photo by Carter Van Pelt

Chronixx, the most talked-about reggae artist out of Jamaica in a generation, sees the release of his ‘debut’ album Chronology on July 7, 2017. The day the sevens clash is significant in reggae history as a day that prophesy was not fulfilled, at least not on 7/7/77.

I admit I’m intensely curious to see how this collection is received, mainly because I care about Jamaican music and its ongoing relevance, both on the island and internationally. Beyond Jamaica’s shores, the reggae genre needs an artist whose name isn’t Marley to keep it visible in mainstream culture.

The release of Chronology has the potential to introduce new listeners to the world of Jamaican music, but count me as skeptical of whether long-time reggae fans are going to go for this release beyond a small handful of tracks.

I’m not even sure what an ‘album’ means in 2017, as the term is a relic of the 78 r.p.m. era. Albums used to be a way of evaluating music as art – a collective statement of a musician at a given point in time. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not albums matter in reggae, where artists have always struggled to present cohesive ‘full-length’ works. Bob Marley was the master of LP album production, and this was a major aspect of his international popularity, although his loss of relevance in Jamaica as a singles oriented musician coincided with his rise internationally.

For Chronixx, a 2014 EP, The Dread & Terrible Project, featured seven songs and three companion dub mixes, serving as a stand-in for a first album. This helped fuel enthusiasm for the singer, landing him on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2014 and again this past spring. With no full-length album yet ready, Roots & Chalice, a mixtape produced with Max Glazer of Federation Sound filled void in 2016 and spawned one of the singer’s most popular songs to date, “Spanish Town Rockin’.”

Pulling from the Roots & Chalice, Chronology features “Spanish Town Rockin’,” along with “Majesty,” a refix of Otis Gayle’s cover of the Spinner’s “I’ll Be Around.” “Spanish Town Rocking” in particular was ubiquitous across Jamaica all of last winter, standing firm with Vybz Kartel’s “Loodi,” Konshens’ “Bruk Off Yu Back,” Rihanna’s “Work,” and Drake’s “Controlla.” It’s no small accomplishment for a traditional reggae track to hold the corner with current dancehall and international hits, and props to Chronixx and Max Glazer for such an appealing update of a dancehall/reggae classic (Barrington Levy’s “Prison Oval Rock.”) It will be interesting to see if this track has staying power beyond its Jamaican success. The inclusion as the album’s lead track is significant.

For those whose interest and enthusiasm for Chronixx was established via “Here Comes Trouble” and “Capture Land” in 2013/14, there is unfortunately nothing comparable on Chronology, nothing with the musical force of those roots reggae anthems. “Here Comes Trouble” is one of the most successful reggae tracks of the past 15 years, and “Capture Land” took the militancy a step further.

Moving in a different direction musically, the most notable brand new track on Chronology is “Skanking Sweet,” a lovely tune of thanksgiving that finds Chronixx in the same mode as his early career duet with Kabaka Pyramid, “Mi Alright.” If there is any track new to this album that should earn a place the Chronixx setlist for years to come, it’s “Skanking Sweet.” I say that based on the strength of the recording and also the audience reaction during Chronixx’s recent performance at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.

True to its name, Chronology is not strictly derived from one dedicated recording session. It dips back as far as four years for one of its tracks, “Smile Jamaica.” This was among the strongest contemporaneous singles not included on Dread & Terrible.

Instead of delving deeper into roots reggae, Chronology attempts to go broader and offer something for everyone by working in neo-Jamaican soul/hip-hop. This is the main reason I question how the bulk of these tracks will be received by the reggae traditionalists who initially championed the singer. Moreover, the album has one real head-scratcher called “I Can,” complete with pool party harmonies and an incongruous Peter Tosh sample at the intro and outro.

The album includes a pair of clean yet seductively appealing pop/dancehall tracks, including the single “Likes,” which dropped last winter. This song shows how effectively the singer can work an original dancehall riddim. Chronixx uses “Likes” to explain how and why he has taken the time to build his career without a deluge of releases, shunning the ‘social media hype’ of ‘likes’ in favor doing it for the ‘love.’ Admirable yet ironic given the amount of social media hype that has catapulted him to his current status. The other pop/dancehall cut of note is “Loneliness,” which could sit nicely in a mix with Rihanna’s “Work,” a song he specifically namechecks in “Likes.”

Given the success of “Sell My Gun” from Roots & Chalice and the emphasis on “Likes” as a single with its own video, I would have expected more of this style than the kind of neo-Jamaican hip-hop/reggae that overwhelms the album (“Country Boy,” “Ghetto Paradise,” “Selassie Children,” etc.).

To give the singer the benefit of the doubt, a diversity of styles and range is a great way to build a body of work and to make a complete artistic statement. The trouble here could be failing to meet the expectations of his original reggae fans. Some of them may feel let down when more than half of the album falls outside any conventional definition of reggae. But take heart, the lyrics on many tracks are strongly Afrocentric/Rastafarian. One of the albums most successful non-reggae tracks is also its most pan-African, the soul-groover “Black Is Beautiful.”

The album’s second track is a solid duet with his father Chronicle, called “Big Bad Sound.” This is the album’s only combination style track, perhaps surprising given some of his excellent prior collaborations with Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, and Eesah.

Another song with strong potential on Jamaican radio is the anthemic “Legend,” an ‘everyman as hero’ song. This celebrates the kind of humility that Jamaica would do well to embrace. Coming from a rising star like Chronixx, the message could resonate.

The mixing on Chronology is largely credited James “Bonzai” Caruso, whose work on Damian Marley’s “Welcome To Jamrock” in 2005 gives him exceptional credentials in the area of helping Jamaican music reach far beyond its shores. Bringing in Bonzai was a smart move since several of the tracks had a previous life and probably needed some sweetening to sit in a cohesive, album-length work, not to mention that the sessions span at least five different studios in different countries and several different producers including Chronixx.

At 16-tracks and 67 minutes in length, Chronology is probably 4-5 songs longer than it needed to be, but it’s 2017, so you can cherry-pick the songs you prefer and leave the rest. How this work figures in the career calculus of the singer is beyond my pay grade, but regardless, it marks an important moment for him, and as we move, I’ll be listening for what happens next.

–Carter Van Pelt, July 2017

Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 12:06AM
Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 04:34PM
SELASSIE CHILDREN - Representing for the Reggae Revival that many still either doubt or don't understand:

Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 07:32PM
or they simply realize it's not a revival and that it's the media folks that are pushing this narrative.... reggae never died, and the implication that this group of a few folks is single handedly saving the genre, is not only inaccurate, it is totally disrespectful to all those who never stopped making reggae music... labeling this new group of artists with a clever name, for the sake of writing headlines is lame, and should stop, cuz it's insulting the rest of the industry...

the output of some of these individuals is quite good, and it is nice to hear the younger generation play some roots music, but we don't need a slick term to label them. Let their music do the work, and quit trying to push that lame "revival" terminology.

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Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 07:51PM
Well said - HiGrade1

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Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 08:16PM
"Selassie Children" a nice tune lloydstanbury! Big UP Chronixx for the works.
I have to agree with HiGrade on this. The whole thing (revival) comes off cliquish IMO. Too much debate and attempting to convince ones on this matter. The Bobo fya chant rise in the 90's and early 2000's didn't come off as a clique. The VI massive never comes off as a clique. This comes off as a clique. The music is great; let it be what it is. Reggae music and culture is always going to be in the margins. In that article where Chronixx was talking to the crowd about putting reggae back on top and for them to support the music like fans of hip hop do. It is never going to happen the way ones and ones would like as long as the playing field is unequal thanks to the corporate grip on the mainstream.

.5 million plus views

6.4 million views!

Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 08:22PM
32 M

9.25 M

Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 08:31PM
Most viewed Dezarie:

2 M

1.95 M

1.1 M

.5 M plus (Big UP Nomo!)


.879 M

.857 M


Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 08:41PM
Reggae will always be pon top!

Sure there are marketing strategies that improve your "likes" and "views" but reggae has a solid foundation that has helped establish its place in our modern history. Homage to all who made that happen. It is unfortunate and sad that the youth's of Chronixx age don't know who Luciano, Sizzla, and the like are. Most Definitely, the up and coming (Chronixx, Jesse, etc.) have to keep up with modern methods (youtube, social media, etc) in order to get noticed. But, the mainstream corporate music industry has its grip. Unless we want reggae to be "that", we have to be content with reggae being in the margins relative to the mainstream.

Midnite has not topped 1 million views as far as I can see. That is because they aren't trying to be mainstream like that. "Mongst I and I" is an exception in terms of a professionally produced music video. In addition to the quality of the music, Dezarie's high viewer count can be attributed to the love coming out of Brasil.

It is not a revival, but a continuation.
Re: Chronology
July 11, 2017 10:43PM
The Reggae Revival is NOT a group of artists. You can't revive something that is dead. No one who understands what the reggae revival means EVER suggested Reggae was dead.

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Re: Chronology
July 13, 2017 08:21PM
It is a term.. that is all.. it is like when people started calling Capleton and Sizzla "Culture" music... it doesn't mean that the music before them had no culture it is just what people do. If you think that pushing the term Reggae Revival is strange it is probably just as strange as people's resistance to the term being used... I mean honestly does it matter if some of the younger artists who play Roots Reggae movement are referred to as the Reggae Revival? I mean I heard enough people complain that all the "new reggae" was Kartel and 120 BPM. It is 2017 for years we heard the same artist play the same festivals for well over 20 years.. It is high time that fresh new roots acts are allowed to shine and if they keep making music like some of the newer bands are then I say they can call themselves or be called by others whatever they like
Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 02:29PM
PS this is one of the best records I have heard in a long time.. completely different.. not like almost every other reggae record made. This is when you start to see true originality and clear talent emerge.
Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 04:49PM
Well, my favorite album of the year is "Awakening" by Spiritual, whose voice sounds like a mashup of Joseph Hill and Winston Rodney....

Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 05:32PM
whose voice sounds like a mashup of Joseph Hill and Winston Rodney....

spot on there Danny Boy
Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 05:32PM

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Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 05:34PM
ites daniel.

we have said that exact same thing to our listeners about his voice.
off mic i told teresa i thought he sounded a lot like winston rodney, and she said "really? i think he sounds like joseph hill!" smileys with beer


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Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 06:20PM
Wow you guys weren't joking on his sound! Is he a relatively new artist? Never heard of him before. Just found the album on Spotify, giving it a listen.
Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 06:48PM
He's been around for a while now. His debut album "My World" was my favorite release of 2012. Here's a next one from his new album:

Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 08:26PM
Big ups Daniel. I love coming across new artists I haven't heard. Just finished the Awakening album and man I finally got my roots fix the Chronixx album was lacking. Whole album is solid but "Show Me the Way" Feat Droop Lion really stood out as a wicked tune.
Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 08:48PM
This is perhaps my favorite Spiritual tune, an unreleased acoustic version of "We Were Born Free" which exceeds the version that's contained on the My World album. It reminds me of Burning Spear's version of Jah No Dead from the movie Rockers:

Re: Chronology
July 14, 2017 08:53PM
Yes - Spiritual!!

Very strong.

Released today.

Re: Chronology
July 16, 2017 03:58AM
"...Spiritual, whose voice sounds like a mashup of Joseph Hill and Winston Rodney...."

Spot on*

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Re: Chronology
July 16, 2017 04:12AM


some ire conscious live band stylee from the 90's and 2000's

Re: Chronology
July 17, 2017 05:05PM
Chronixx is ok, better than most of the yute these days - but nothing to write home to mother about. IMO even a small hint of that auto-tune sh*t robot machine degrade the uplifting music frequencies.

Whatever them name it these days - i.e. reggae revival ... most of them try to pattern from the Golden Age of Reggae but few got the same fiyah in the belly. Thanx Daniel for the link to singer 'Spiritual' ... one of the few catch me ear these day ... he on it good & proper

If all the studio owner dash way them auto-tune robot maybe we will have an authentic reggae revival

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Re: Chronology
July 17, 2017 05:25PM
IMO even a small hint of that auto-tune sh*t robot machine degrade the uplifting music frequencies.

as they say , lol, agreed

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Re: Chronology
July 17, 2017 06:41PM
Spiritual is VERY good IMO... so is the Droop Lion release.. There is a lot of great reggae being put out right now.
Re: Chronology
July 18, 2017 06:46PM
Im a fan of Chronixx music but the album is boring in my opinion... I much prefer the music on the EP and the Mixtapes

Respect Same Way
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