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JA Dub Club

Posted by Ras_Adam 
JA Dub Club
April 25, 2017 12:31AM
Re: JA Dub Club
April 25, 2017 04:33AM
wow.. that must have been something else.. No way to treat an elder let alone a positive icon.
Re: JA Dub Club
April 25, 2017 02:33PM
Two Jamaicas? - Grange Says Arrests At Reggae Event Could Send Wrong Message

also, from facebook...

Nadia Harris Mcanuff
18 hrs ·
Words from the lion's mouth himself.
We are keeping a close eyes on this matter.
You are not alone, together we stand on and offline.
Gabre Selassie Guidance and protection on all levels from all of us. Yes I!

Gabre Selassie
18 hrs ·
Blessed Idrens & sistrens!...first of all i would like to thank each and everyone for their concern about my well being.I am fine @ home (KDC) holding a rest.Just finished having a progressive meeting with the authorities and our charge of breeching the noise abaitment act has been lifted.Let iman say that for Every Action..there is a 'EQUAL' and opposite reaction.So we are going to take good from the bad.We are sorting out a proper solution once and FOR-IVER!They will have to realize one day that Rastafari is not an Enemy of the state but a protector of that state..to protect and serve/community building/nation building.We are not carrying any ill feelings towards the authorities...cause we know that everyman must reap what them sow..so there is NO escape inna dis judgement time.PRAY FOR I...I will Pray for di I dem..."EVEN IN THIS MODERN DAY<DAVID WILL ALWAYS SLEW GOLIATH!".....Strength and blessings to each and everyone..the FAITHFUL FEW....and tell a freind to tell a freind to forward to Kingston Dub Club each & EVERY SUNDAY!...RastaFULL I

blessid love
ras danny
higher reasoning reggae time
KBOO Portland, Full Strength Community Radio
*Love is a net that catches hearts like fish.*
-Muhammad Ali
*I don't like reggae, I love it*
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 02:31PM
It will be "JUDGEMENT" at SNWMF for all who fight against Rastafari:

Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 02:57PM
question.. who exactly is fighting against 'rasta' ?

It will be "JUDGEMENT" at SNWMF for all who fight against Rastafari:

Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 03:17PM
It will be "JUDGEMENT" at SNWMF for all who fight against Rastafari:

Why? Because an artist you're promoting has a song called Judgement?

People throw around words like Judgement like they're playthings... Using this unfortunate event at the dub club in JA as a way to promote your artists set at SNWMF? Low. Trust me, those who "fight against Reggae", where ever they are, won't be changed at all by the occurrence of a summer time music festival in nor cal.. The people who attend the festival and apprecilove the music will be lifted.... Just being real.

Mutabaruka will have Gabre Selassie live on Steppin today, speaking about the incident. Looking forward to hearing that reasoning. This party happens every sunday, yet the police chose to shut it down on the anniversary of His Imperial Majesty's visit to JA. That alone speaks to me a lot... JA government is confusing.. One week they're apologizing for the atrocities at Corral Garden (finally), and the next week they're shutting the dub club down. Mystery Babylon nah easy
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 05:19PM
RELAX.... honestly... everything isn't a matter of life and death..
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 05:34PM
maybe not in the burbs of OR, where the average household income is 80k-100k.. but judging by what i hear on 99% of your recent reggae songs, babylon is still up to her old tricks..

Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 06:56PM
Who the cap fit, let them wear it.

Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 07:20PM
so you cant even identify your enemy or identify those who fight and oppress you ?

marcus garvey weeps to see this generation's 'freedom fighters' flounder about still waiting on babylon to give them a 'bligh'
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 07:28PM
Societies that do not value the spiritual over or even at the same level as the physical. The devaluation of all things spiritual is how Babylon is fighting against all believers in this time.. how is that?
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 07:30PM
For those who don't know what Kingston Dub Club is about:

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Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 08:08PM
Maybe if the persons in this phorum used their legal names I might be able to identify for you some of the people who fight against Rastafari
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 09:23PM
i thought rasta doesnt deal in babylon or the babylonian 'legal' system..
in fact, there is no concept of 'legal names' in any documented western african culture.
legal names, birth certificates, etc, were all introduced to these various tribes as a result of
colonization/conquest.. if the foundation of rasta calls for looking to the east, why are you now leaning so heavily on the west?

sooooo.. either you denounce the west or you embrace it.. maybe right there is the answer to why
you are not moving the needle with respect to progress.. your foundation isnt rooted on solid grounds..
on one hand, boom down babylon, boom down the cave man.. boom down colonization.. but yet
on the other hand you want all the comforts(pleasures, technology, legal protections, etc) provided to you by the west..

house divided... man cannot serve two masters.. etc..
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 09:34PM
"if the foundation of" BIG VEIN is Marcus Garvey, then "why are you now leaning so heavily on" rastas some of whom seek Garvey's ultimate goal of repatriation? "house BigVein divided... "
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 10:21PM
thats way too easy, so i think you t'd that question up on purpose, knowing this begging crap just kills me.... but if not, here goes..

garvey moved the needle all by himself.. he secured financing, he formed strategic relationships, he purchased a shipping company, he had a focused plan, and he was two steps away from putting it all together with the sole purpose of creating a new nation for his people.
as we both know his vision was to have a self sustaining nation where former slaves could create for themselves and eventually join in on the fruits of the new global industrial age..
what we have today are followers of garvey in name only... these guys are professionals in nothing more than spouting off about this, that, and whatever. they dont have any plans for repatriation.. they dont have any plans to better the plight of garvey''s children..
repatriation and building up for your own takes hard hard hard work.. its easy to sit in an ac controlled, radio chair going on and on about past
grievances.. its easy to sit in a hallf-million dollar house, located in the florida sunshine, spouting off how hippy henry in sacto is an enemy to rasta... and that enemy tag will only be removed if this guy in florida has someone cut him a check..
why are all these big mouth ras still in nyc, fl, ca, taking advantage of the western comforts.. but yet they are still waiting on the repatriation call.
or for trump to provide the plane home... get freakn lost with that ... these guys play the 'enemy to rasta' card only when it's convenient or when
they have no other argument.. its lame.. its weak.. and it no way reflects the position of garvey or his movements.
even muta admits he just barely went, for the first time, to africa to check on some reggae fests.. but yet he's always at the US based shows..
why not support and build up amongst your own instead of begging a next to do you a favor .. and when that favor isnt extended cry and moan about 'enemy to rasta'... gravey didnt wait on modesto mike, why the freak are these so called strong ras sitting like children begging a next to sweep some crumbs off the table... nothing about that says garvey... garvey to them is just a dead guy they print on a shirt to scare some unsuspecting suburbian into cutting a check... whatever..

"if the foundation of" BIG VEIN is Marcus Garvey, then "why are you now leaning so heavily on" rastas some of whom seek Garvey's ultimate goal of repatriation? "house BigVein divided... "
Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 10:50PM
Here's an article from Today's gleaner about what happened at Dub Club (as well as some other things that happened over the weekend). Personally - I think although noise complains are a real thing (especially in a residential neighborhood on a sunday night when people have school and work the next day) - a little intelligent diplomacy on the part of the police officers could have saved a lot of mess and worked out some arrangement to make everyone happy


From the gleaner:

Minister of Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sport, Olivia Grange's statement about Jamaica's class differences after Sunday's closing down of the weekly Dub Club event on Skyline Drive, St Andrew, by the police, goes even deeper than it initially appears.

For while Grange has said that shutting down the event "... on a day when Carnival, a quite different cultural event, was taking place... sends the wrong message that there are 'two Jamaicas'" is correct, there are nuances and another carnival incident which make the social divide even more striking.

And it is the reaction to and of the police which makes the situation even more stark and takes it beyond the standard 'soca vs dancehall/reggae' preference or treatment argument.

And let us make it clear, that Dub Club is very much an uptown event in its location and, from what I have observed on a couple occasions, a large proportion of its patronage. However, by the nature of its Jamaican popular music focus and the overtly Rastafari demeanour of selector Gabre Selassie, it is open to a measure of the treatment which is otherwise inconsistently levelled at Jamaican popular music events staged or populated by the lower socio-economic classes.

So being located uptown and having a strong middle and upper class clientele, did not prevent the reggae sound system event from being visited by the police. And it must also be made clear that the lawmen were right to respond if there were complaints about noise.

However, the reaction of the Dub Club patrons, who reportedly became boisterous to the extent that the police used pepper spray (a very mild response, by Jamaican standards), also says something about the two Jamaicas. Because in the other Jamaica of reggae and dancehall events - which I have attended, when the police arrive and the music is turned off, persons are upset, but they know well enough not to confront the cops. To do so would open up the distinct possibility of a reaction that would make the force level of pepper spray look like child's play.


From what I have gleaned about the crowd's reaction at Dub Club on Sunday night, it was the response of those who do not expect that they would be subject to the force of the law and, further, do not understand what the police are capable of. It was an uptown reaction.

In that regard, they are not unlike the young man seen with a firearm in hand outside a soca event in a widely circulated video. Now, this is uptown in full effect and I firmly believe that when people are drunk (if that was the case, a possibility raised in this newspaper on Monday), very angry or insane, the mask of social restrictions slips.

But when the police came, Zachary Reid was not shot, but disarmed. Now, that is a word I do not hear often as the police carry out the very difficult job of keeping a veneer of social stability in a country where illegal firearms and licensed firearms in the hands of the irresponsible are common. I am much more accustomed to "the man opened fire, the fire was returned", with the occasional "nearby bushes".

Not on Carnival night in the city, though, when the privileged in Jamaica's society and those who temporarily access that privilege by association are allowed freedoms of skin and security which the majority will never access en masse. And that is really an example of the two Jamaicas on soca night.

PS: What about the gunshots that affected Heineken Rio on Waterloo Road? A duppy do de shooting?


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Re: JA Dub Club
April 27, 2017 11:15PM
Babylon is everywhere, including on this Phorum. I am not here to identify for anyone who Babylon is, or who represents Babylon. Representatives of Babylon almost always identify themselves. He who follows the teachings of his Majesty can say Rasta.

Re: JA Dub Club
April 30, 2017 02:18PM
When I was there last April the police showed up with them fully auto drawn and made them turn down the music.. same thing at the dub school around halfway tree... I do not understand the need for going into these places guns out!! Peaceful gatherings with nice vibes getting ruined!!
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