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style scott?

Posted by Ras_Adam 
style scott?
October 11, 2014 05:03AM
Robbie Lyn just post RIP 44 min ago anyone confirm that?
hopefully not
Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 04:12PM
Vince Black posted about it on FB this morning. I cannot find a news article but spoke to Vince through inbox. I surely trust Vince knowing but did not want to repost until I see further confirmation. According to his post, Style's baby mother was involved in some kind of drug thing and was killed last week. It goes on to say- they came back to get Style and killed him with a machete. I am only repeating this here as I said- so far I can't find a news story. I am repeating it here because of my confidence in Vince's relationship to know. Again, I caution- I have not been able to verify.

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Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 04:20PM
Danny Pepperseed wrote: Last night I was talking to Clevie and he told me Desi Roots just called him and told him that someone with the name Lincoln Valentine Scott was killed in Mandeville and that it was likely that the person was Radics drummer Style Scott. Clevie wanted to verify if it really was Style, so he called Flabba. Flabba told him that Leggo told him the same rumour about a person named Lincoln Valentine Scott, but Flabba couldn't believe it and had been trying to call Style without getting through. Clevie couldn't get any confirmation and told me to let me know something as soon as he knows more, but he didn't send me any further whatsapp messages yet.

I also asked my friend Al Graham if he heard anything about Style as he used to do some engineering and mixing work for Style. Al was shocked when I told him about the rumour and he tried to call Style right away, but the call was going straight to voicemail.

Let's hope Clevie will send me a whatsapp in a few hours that Style is still alive. I checked the Jamaican newspapers online and they don't mention anything neither, so let's stay positive. As soon as I hear something from JA, I will post it here.
Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 04:34PM
I heard the same last night and this morning from multiple sources but am still hoping its not true...

Respect Same Way
Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 07:08PM
Dub Syndicate

Very very sad news - but it is true. Style Scott is dead. We do not have very precise information from Jamaica and we are not able to comment anything in the moment because we are totally shocked and we are in a vacuum of sadness and we are speachless...!

R.I.P. - Style Scott [www.facebook.com]

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Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 07:49PM

Drum In Peace.

FullWatts on your stereo...™
Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 09:05PM
#smh- What has happened to my dear Jamaica?
Re: style scott?
October 11, 2014 11:48PM
Re: style scott?
October 12, 2014 12:51AM
Re: style scott?
October 13, 2014 11:47AM
Re: style scott?
October 13, 2014 05:27PM
Dreadful news. I hate people.
Re: style scott?
October 13, 2014 11:35PM
Andy Bassford tribute:
Lincoln Valentine “Style” Scott: In Memoriam

Posted on October 13, 2014 by abassford

It was mid-August 1980, a typically hot day in Kingston, Jamaica. I had just entered Channel One Studios for the first time, in the distinguished company of Freddie McKay and Bongo Herman. The week before, producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes had seen me backstage at the Carib Theatre for the Independence Day show over the weekend. Upon hearing that I was a good guitarist, he told Freddie and Herman to bring me by the studio first thing Monday.

The session was already under way when we got there. As I peered through the glass of the control room, back behind the drum gobos I could see an energetic person in a plaid shirt and a brown knit hat, waving a pair of drumsticks wound with masking tape. “Ready, Style?” the engineer called over the talkback. He yelled back, “Ready, red light!” counted off the tune, rolled in the band, and the earth shook. Roots Radics at full blast through the enormous Channel One speakers was unlike anything I’d ever heard. It was thunderous, raw, powerful, and aggressive. What’s more, it was clearly very different from the straight four reggae grooves I’d been hearing in the States. What I thought I knew about this music was clearly outdated. Some serious recalibration was in order.

After one take, the band came into the control room, and listened to the playback, then went back out into the studio to work up the next song. I was stunned. Fifteen minutes later, they had another track done, then another, then another. I couldn’t believe how fast they worked and how great it sounded. Finally, Junjo sent me into the studio. Forty minutes later, I’d recorded two songs with Style, Flabba, and the Roots Radics crew. Then it was back to the regular players, and the session went on into the night.

Time was money in the Kingston studios, formalities were minimal, and talk was sparing while at work. The band had barely grunted at me, other than Flabba’s instructions to “pick with the bass,” and Style was for the most part hidden in the drum booth. However, the next day, on Idler’s Rest, I was introduced to Style more formally. He was crouched on the sidewalk, waiting for something to happen. We all were.

Idler’s Rest, whose formal name was Chancery Lane, was an alley that ran north from the Parade, between Joe Gibbs Record World and VP Records. On the right were, from south to north, VP’s western wall, Winston Riley’s Techniques Record Shop and Gregory Isaacs’ African Museum. On the left, oddly enough, was the Salvation Army headquarters. Scattered in and around this small area on any given day were some of the greatest Jamaican singers, musicians, and DJs who ever drew breath.

Idler’s Rest was the downtown clearinghouse, hiring hall, social club, networking and information center of the Jamaican music business. In a time and place where telephones were a luxury, a producer looking for artists or session musicians to record, or a promoter putting a show together, could come to Idler’s Rest, leave a message, and reach everyone he wanted.

It was also the place where any musician or artist who wasn’t working would hang out, hoping to be hired. In August 1980, the Roots Radics were at the very beginning of their run. Although they were starting to make a name for themselves, there were plenty of days where Style, Flabba Holt, Bingi Bunny, Steelie, Sowell, Bongo Herman, and many others (myself included) would lean against the walls of the Salvation Army or the stone wall of the North Parade and watch the day go by, trying not to spend money. In such circumstances, musicians will talk. Style and I did a fair amount of talking.

Style didn’t speak much about his early days other than to say that he had learned something about drums in the military. He had spent some time in England in the late Seventies and it had been an important experience for him. He had worked with Adrian Sherwood, a producer he held in very high regard, and had toured with Don Cherry and the Slits, among others. I got excited when he mentioned Don Cherry, and he beamed. “You know Don? A wicked jazz musician dat! Him was very interested in our music. A very inspiring person.”

I had to confess that I didn’t know Don personally (I was to find that many Jamaican musicians assumed that all good American musicians knew each other, as tended to be the case in Jamaica) but the fact that I knew who Don Cherry was and loved his playing was enough for Style. He’d been polite before, but now I was in. I got the impression that Style found it frustrating that an association he took so much pride in hadn’t registered much with his peers.

From that point on, we regularly shared a part of the sidewalk, talking about music, work, and our dreams. Style was quite blunt about the fact that he liked me and liked my playing. And he didn’t care much what anyone else thought. As a starving musician far from home, Style’s warmth and acceptance meant a lot to me. Many of the older musicians like Bobby Ellis were friendly too, but Style was my own age, and that was important.

Style burned with ambition. He was devoted to his band; he felt that Roots Radics was the future of the music, and he intended to prove it every time he got behind the drums. We were all pretty hungry at that point, but I got the impression that the desire for respect, not money, was Style’s primary motivation. There was clearly a back story there, but I never heard it. Style talked a lot less about the past than the present and the future.

For the rest of the year, Style and I hung out on Idler’s Rest with Roots Radics and the other downtown singers and players of instruments, survived the 1980 election (no small feat), talked, drank an occasional beer when funds permitted, and worked sessions when we could get them.

At the beginning of 1981, I joined Lloyd Parks and We The People and Dwight Pinkney joined Roots Radics, replacing Sowell Bailey. With Dwight burning up the lead chair, I worked a lot less with Radics, and since I now lived in New Kingston, I was on Idler’s Rest less often. Things also got a bit more cliquish in the studio, though if Dwight wasn’t available for a session the other Radics welcomed me warmly.

We all ended up playing together anyway at various times, cliques or not; that’s Style on Dennis Brown’s “I Can’t Stand It” with Allah from Chalice on piano, Lloyd Parks on bass, and Bo Pee and I on guitars. I tended to see Style more on stage shows, as Gregory Isaacs and Radics often shared the bill with us. From my vantage point, success didn’t change Style very much. He was the same person I knew from Idler’s Rest: warm, blunt, and passionate, though his wardrobe did diversify a bit after a couple of tours.

After I left Jamaica, I didn’t see Style for decades, until we ran into each other unexpectedly at breakfast in a French hotel on tour. Style could not have been happier to see me, or more excited. After we caught up, Style insisted on introducing me to everyone in his touring party who didn’t already know me. He told them all about how we struggled together on Idler’s Rest and how proud and happy he was that we had achieved so much. It was a great reunion; sadly, it was the last time I would ever see him. I can’t believe that he’s gone.

Like most drummers, Style’s playing was the way he was: militant, inexorable, determined, powerful, full of passion, and a bit rough around the edges. He had some idiosyncratic ways of doing things and he had no interest in technique for its own sake. Creating the most powerful groove possible was the point. For Style, the emotion created the expression, which is how it should be. The rap on Style was that he copied Sly Dunbar, but I never heard him that way. It’s easy to tell them apart. Style was such a strong personality that his individuality came through even on the simplest parts.

There are too many wonderful Style studio performances to list, but perhaps the most famous is Gregory Isaacs’ “Night Nurse.” I’m fond of the Scientist dub albums that he played on for Greensleeves, not least because I’m on some of them. His work with Adrian Sherwood and On-U Sound is great too. There would have been more to come; Style was by no means ready to ride off into the sunset when he was taken from us.

I have a lot of memories, but when today when I think of Style, I see him crouched in front of the Salvation Army wall, his brown knit cap with his short dreads peeking out from underneath, pulling on a spliff. “Hail, Andy. Come in nuh. Yeh mon, mi de yah. Nuttin naa gwaan fe now, yu no see it, but our time soon come. Hold tight. Dem cyaan stop we.” RIP, Style. You had a great run before they stopped you. Thanks for everything.
Re: style scott?
October 13, 2014 11:48PM
Nuff pickney breed off from that riddim section.
Re: style scott?
October 15, 2014 05:28AM
Thanks to Andy Bassford---a master player himself----for the remembrance. He is currently featured in Monty Alexander's Harlem Express Band.
Re: style scott?
October 15, 2014 05:30AM
P.S. ----this is a MAJOR MAJOR loss to the music. Style was a sweet and funny guy. I'm a little surprised at the relative lack of comment here.
Re: style scott?
October 15, 2014 01:04PM
only 13 comments on blood and fire forum from over 5500 members

look below and see a portion of his work


Also known as Lincoln Valentine Scott, Style Rattadam.

More pics »

Web Links
Interview by Smart Monkey


Nurse In Dub (Style Scott & Flabba Holt)


Dub Syndicate - Classic Selection Vol 1 [1984-88]
Dub Syndicate - Classic Selection Vol 2 [1982-91]
Style Scott & Flabba Holt - Nurse In Dub [1982]

As a musician

Al Campbell - The Other Side Of Love [1981]
Al Campbell - Working Man [1980]
Augustus Pablo - Earth Rightful Ruler [1982]
Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy In Dub [1979]
Barrington Levy - Here I Come [1985]
Barrington Levy - Open Book [1982-84]
Barrington Levy - Poor Man Style [1982]
Barry Brown & Little John - Showdown Vol 1 [1983]
Bim Sherman - The Need to Live [1981-95]
Bingy Bunny - Me And Jane [1982]
Brent Dowe - What Love Can Do [1981]
Bro. Yahya - No False Prophet [1983]
Bunny Wailer - Crucial Roots Classics [1978-82]
Bunny Wailer - Live ! [1983]
Bunny Wailer - Rock'n'Groove [1981]
Bunny Wailer - Tribute [1981]
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Two Bad D.J. [1981]
Creation Rebel - Close Encounters Of The Third World [1978]
Creation Rebel - Rebel Vibrations [1979]
Culture - Culture In Culture [1986]
Delroy Melody - Dread Must Be Fed [197X]
Delroy Williams - I Stand Black [1982]
Dennis Bovell - Mek It Run [197X-2012]
Dennis Brown - More [1982]
Dennis Brown - Spellbound [1980]
Dennis Brown - Stagecoach Showcase [1982]
Dennis Brown - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow [1982]
Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs - Judge Not [1984]
Dillinger - Join The Queue [1983]
Don Carlos - Just A Passing Glance [1984]
Don Carlos vs Earl Cunningham - Prison Oval Clash [1980]
Don Carlos & Gold - Never Run Away [1984]
Don Carlos & Gold - Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential [1982]
Don Carlos & Gold & Gladiators - Showdown Vol 3 [1984]
Dr. Pablo & Dub Syndicate - North Of The River Thames [1984]
Earl Sixteen - Reggae Sound [1981]
Earl Sixteen - Songs For A Reason [1983]
Earl Sixteen - Songs Of Love And Hardship [1984]
Early B - Ghost Busters [1985]
Edi Fitzroy - Check For You Once [1982]
Edi Fitzroy - First Class Citizen [1982]
Edi Fitzroy - Youthman Penitentiary [1982]
Frankie Jones - Them Nice [1985]
Frankie Paul - Strange Feeling [1983]
Freddie McGregor - Come On Over [1983]
Freddie McGregor - Rhythm So Nice [1983]
Gladstone Anderson - Sings Songs For Today and Tomorrow [1982]
Gregory Isaacs - All I Have Is Love, Love, Love [1986]
Gregory Isaacs - Live At The Academy [1984]
Gregory Isaacs - More Gregory [1981]
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse [1982]
Headley Benett & Bim Sherman - 35 Years From Alpha [1981]
Heptones - Back On Top [1983]
Heptones - On The Run [1982]
Hugh Mundell - Mundell [1982]
Itals - Brutal Out Deh [1981]
Itals - Cool And Dread [1982-83]
Jah Thomas - Dance Hall Connection [1982]
Jah Thomas - Dance Hall Stylee [1982]
Jah Thomas & Roots Radics - Prophecy Of Dub [1980-82]
Jah Woosh - Some Sign [1985]
John Holt - Just The Two Of Us [1982]
John Holt - Vibes [1985]
Johnny Osbourne - Reality [1984]
Johnny Osbourne - Warrior [1981]
Johnny Osbourne Meets Roots Radics - 1980-1981 Vintage [1980-81]
Josie Wales - Ruling [1986]
Junior Byles - Rasta No Pickpocket [1986]
Junior Delgado - Bush Master Revolution [1982]
King Sounds & Israelites - There Is A Reward [198X]
King Tubby - Answer The Dub [197X]
King Tubby Meets Roots Radics - Dangerous Dub [1981]
Knowledge - Rasta Don't Take Bribe [1978X]
Kojak - Life Is A Journey [198X]
Leroy Brown - Face To Face [198X]
Leroy Sibbles - On Top [1982]
Leroy Sibbles - Selections [1985]
Leroy Smart - She Just A Draw Card [1982]
Leroy Smart - Style And Fashion [1983]
Little John - Early Days [198X]
Little John - Ghetto Youth [1983]
Lloyd Parks - What More Can I Do [1983]
Lone Ranger - Rosemarie [1981]
Lone Ranger - Rosemarie Meet DJ Daddy [1981-82]
Marie Bowie & K.C. White & Hortense Ellis - More Reggae Love Songs [198X]
Martin Mandingo Williams - Afrikan History [1983]
Michael Palmer - Angella [1984]
Michael Prophet - Cease Fire [1984]
Michael Prophet - Michael Prophet [1981]
Michael Prophet - Settle Yu Fe Settle [1987]
Michigan & Smiley - Step By Step [1982]
Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kouchie [198X]
Nathan Skyers - Dem A Fight I [1983]
New Age Steppers - Foundation Steppers [1982]
Nicodemus - The Very Best Of Nicodemus [1983]
Papa San Meets Anthony Red Rose - Frontline [1986]
Peter Broggs - Progressive Youth [1979]
Peter Chemist - Dub Mixture [1984]
Peter Chemist - Dub Prescription [1984]
Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Jah Standing Over Me [1982]
Phillip Frazer - I Who Have Nothing [1984]
Phillip Frazer & Triston Palma - The Big Showdown [1984]
Pioneers - What A Feeling [198X]
Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles Chapter One [1982]
Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter III [1980]
Prince Far I - Dub To Africa [1979]
Prince Far I - Free From Sin [1979]
Prince Far I - Health & Strength [1978-79]
Prince Far I Meet Veros Artis - In Ram Packed Showcase In A Suitcase [1980]
Prince Hammer - Vengance [1985]
Prince Jammy - Dub War Vol. 1 [1985]
Ranking Joe - Armageddon [1982]
Ranking Joe - Disco Skate [1981]
Ranking Joe - Saturday Night Jamdown Style [1980]
Ranking Toyan - Ghetto Man Skank [1983]
Reggae George - Fight On My Own [1985]
Reggae George - Mix Up [1982]
Ringo - Pancoot [1982]
Robert Ffrench - The Favourite [1985]
Rod Taylor - If Jah Should Come Now [1979]
Rod Taylor - Where Is Your Love Mankind [1980]
Ronnie Davis - Wheel Of Life [197X-8X]
Roots Radics - Radicfaction [1982]
Roots Radics Meets King Tubbys - More Dangerous Dub [1981]
Roots Radics Meet Mighty Revolutionaires - Outernational Riddim [1980]
Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate - Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate In Dub [198X]
Sam Carty & Astronauts - International Slackness [1981]
Sammy Dread - Sammy Dread Is Mr Music [1982]
Scientist - Crucial Cuts Vol 2 [1984]
Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition [1976-79]
Scientist - Scientist In Dub Volume 1 [1981]
Scientist - Scientist Meets The Space Invaders [1981]
Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires [1981]
Scientist - Scientist Wins The World Cup [1982]
Scientist - The Best Dub Album In The World [1980]
Scientist - The People's Choice [198X]
Scientist - The Seducer Dubwise [1982]
Scientist vs. Papa Tad's - Allied Dub Selection [1980]
Scientist Meets Roots Radics - Scientist Meets The Roots Radics [1981]
Singers & Players - Leaps And Bounds [1984]
Stranger Cole - No More Fussing and Fighting [1986]
Sugar Minott - With Lots Of Extra [1983]
Sugar Minott & Frankie Paul - Showdown Vol 2 [1983]
Techniques - I'll Never Fall In Love [1983]
Toyan - DJ Daddy [1983]
Triston Palmer - Joker Smoker [1982]
Triston Palmer - Show Case [1982]
Triston Palmer - Touch Me, Take Me [1982]
Twinkle Brothers - Burden Bearer [1983]
Twinkle Brothers - Dub Massacre Part 1 & 2 [1983-87]
Tyrone Evans - Don Evans [1983]
U Brown - Jam It Tonight [1983]
Various Artists - Allform [1983]
Various Artists - Junjo Presents A Live Session With Aces International [1982]
Various Artists - Revive Reggae Classics [198X]
Various Artists - Roots Of Dance Hall [197X]
Various Artists - Two Time Girl [1984]
Viceroys - Brethren And Sistren [1983]
Viceroys - We Must Unite [1982]
Wailing Souls - Baby Come Rock [1982]
Wailing Souls - Stranded [1984]
Wailing Souls - Wailing [1981]
Welton Irie - Reprobate [197X]
Yellowman & Fathead - One Yellowman [1982]
Yellowman & Fathead & Purpleman - Showdown Vol 5 [1984]

Bim Sherman - The Need to Live [1981-95]
Brent Dowe - What Love Can Do [1981]
Creation Rebel - Rebel Vibrations [1979]
Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter III [1980]
Prince Far I - Dub To Africa [1979]

Delroy Melody - Dread Must Be Fed [197X]

Brent Dowe - What Love Can Do [1981]
Re: style scott?
October 15, 2014 01:53PM
I, personally, find this too depressing to think about. I really love Style Scott as a drummer. I was blessed to see him play live several times, and to meet him here in Santa Cruz with the Radics.

Another good man down by the badman's hand. It makes no sense.
Re: style scott?
October 15, 2014 07:06PM
I, personally, find this too depressing to think about.

Me too. I love Jamaica, its people and its culture, its one of my favorite places in the world to visit, been there over 15 times dating back to 1964.

However, its incidents like this that remind me that there is also a very dark side in Jamaican culture that can be simply summed up as a basic lack of respect and dignity for life in general. As a visitor, you can get a glimpse of it in the reckless driving or the way they treat dogs but the worst of it is hidden and only visible to people who live there, until something like this happens.

I feel very sorry for the good people of Jamaica who have to live daily with this unfortunate and depressing situation that seems to be getting worst with time, not only in Jamaica but throughout the Caribbean.
Re: style scott?
October 16, 2014 10:55AM
Ringo's tribute to Style Scott from last night


African Land - Carol Calphat (Hit Run 12"winking smiley 1978
Higher Field Marshall - Peter Broggs & Prince Fari (Hit Run 12"winking smiley 1979
Throw Away Your Gun - Prince Fari (Showcase In A Suitcase LP) 1980
Africa Just Free - Style Scott (Belva 7"winking smiley 1979
Hard Time Pressure - Sugar Minott (Sufferers Heights 12"winking smiley 1979
Looking My Love - Barrington Levy (Busy 7"winking smiley 1979
Englishman - Barrington Levy (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1979
Fally Ranking - Johnny Osbourne (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1980
Ice Cream Love - Johnny Osbourne (Dubplate) 1981
Solomon - Lee Van Cliff (J & J 10"winking smiley 1980
Wa-Do-Dem - Eeek A Mouse (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1981
Diseases - Papa Michigan & General Smiley (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1981
Dub Fashion - Scientist (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1981
Where Fat Lies Ants Follow - Winston Hussey (Leggo Sounds 7"winking smiley 1981
The Voodoo Curse - Scientist (Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires LP) 1981
Scientist - Part 1 (Scientist Wins The World Cup LP) 1982
Joker Smoker - Tristan Palmer (Greensleeves 12"winking smiley 1982
Work Us So Hard - Little John (Hit Bound 7"winking smiley 1982
Poor And Clean - Gregory Isaacs (African Museum 12"winking smiley 1980
Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs (Island 7"winking smiley 1982
African Blood - Congo Ashanti Roy (On-U Sound 10"winking smiley 1983
Stoned Immaculate - Dub Syndicate (Live At The Town & Country Club LP) 1991
One In A Billion - Luciano & Dub Syndicate (Lion & Roots 7"winking smiley 2001

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Re: style scott?
October 16, 2014 12:24PM
Re: style scott?
October 16, 2014 12:25PM


Three hours of the best Jamaican music:
One hour of the latest chunes and two hours of the best of the vintage years, presented by Jumbo, Kouadio, Joshwa and Ronaldo

The show airs every Tuesday night from 10pm to Wednesday 1 am CET (3-6 JST, 4-7pm EST, 9pm-midnight GMT)
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Playlist It’s Riddim Shower Time, October 14, 2014

1st Hour

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Exco Levi - Cali farmer (Donovan Germain)
Exco Levi - Reggae calling (Javier ‘King I-vier’ Cierra & Jah Yzer)
Bobby Hustle – Life is what you make it (Cierra & Jah Yzer)
Pressure – Don’t trouble trouble (Cierra & Jah Yzer)
Addis Pablo – Melodica in the dance (Cierra & Jah Yzer)
Aidonia - Youth dem (Amanda Ford)
I Maroon - Chant the psalms (Ryan Singh)
Dez I - No turn it off (Singh)
SkyyJay - Why did you leave (Singh)
Izula - Perfect lady (Singh)
Sevana - Bit too shy (Phillip ‘Winta’ James & Oje Ken ‘Protoje’ Ollivierre)
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Natural Black - Chikungunya (Kashka ‘Bobo’ Campbel & Calbert ‘Wasp’ Gordon)
Cham -Buss face (Dave ‘Rudeboy’ Kelly)
Delly Ranx – Yard and broad boss (Omario ‘Froggy’ Lawrence & Ashanti ‘Taranchulla’ Reid)
Delly Ranx & Knock Shizzle – Scandal (Lawrence & Reid)
Baby Boom – Bruise and cramp (Lawrence & Reid)
Alkaline – Murder (Andrew ‘Anju Blaxx’ Myrie)
Beenieman – Never ever (Myrie)
TOK – Nuh beg friends (Myrie)
Massicka – Wi inna di streets (Myrie)
Shaggy , Mohombi, Faydee & Costi - I need your love (Costi Ionita)
Dubtonic Kru & Chantelle Ernandez – Tonight
DYCR – Plan it Earth (Singh)
Magic Flute – New broom (Singh)
Richie Innocent – Bossy (Singh)
Kashu – Good in you (Singh)
Earth Warrior - In the city (Uprising Roots Band)

2nd hour

Listen on demand

Tribute to Lincoln Valentine ‘Rotterdam Style’ Scott RIP (1956 - 9 October 2014)
All songs feature the great Style Scott on drums

Earl Sixteen - In the studio (Roy Cousins)
David Isaacs - Just like a sea (Whitfield ‘Witty’ Reid)
Leroy Smart - All of my Love (Henry 'Junjo' Lawes)
Johnny Osbourne - Give a little love (Lawes)
Roots Radics - Dub a little love (Lawes)
Anthony Johnson - Gunshot (Nkruma 'Jah' Thomas)
Roots Radics - Dubshot (Thomas)
Wailing Souls - Face the devil (Linval Thompson)
Roots Radics - Face the dub (Thompson)
Dennis Brown - Home sweet home (Dennis Brown)
Roots Radics - Home sweet dub (Brown)
Triston Palma - For health and strength (Thomas)
Jah Thomas - Jah Jah guidance (Thomas)
Horace Andy - Babylon system (Tad Dawkins)
Junior Murvin - Badman possee (Michael 'Mikey Dread' Campbell)
Roots Radics - Badman dub (Campbell)
Johnny Clarke - Rude boy (Stafford 'Mafiatone' Douglas)
Roots Radics - Dub boy (Douglas)
Delton Screechie - I've got a letter (Floyd 'Nigga Kojak' Perch)
Roots Radics - I've dub a letter (Perch)
Michael Palmer - Don't smoke the seed (Kenneth Hookim)
Roots Radics - Don't dub the seed (Hookim)
I Roy - Back home ('I' Roy Reid)
Gregory Isaacs - Cool down the pace (Gregory Isaacs)
Roots Radics - Dub down the pace (Isaacs)
Congo Ashanti Roy - African blood (Adrian Sherwood)
Mikey Dread - Schooldays (Sherwood)
Prince Far I - Prodigal son (Sherwood)

3rd hour; Riddim Shower After Hour

Listen on Demand

Wailers – Sun is shining (Lee Perry)
Dub Syndicate & Lee Perry - Secret laboratory (Sherwood & Perry)
Dub Syndicate & Cedric Myton - No bed of roses (Lincoln Valentine ‘Style’ Scott & Sherwood))
Bim Sherman - Run them away (Scott & Sherwood)
Pablo Moses - A song (Geoffrey Chung)
Twinkle Brothers - Miss labba labba (Edward ´Bunny´ Lee)
Dub Syndicate - Changing dub (Bim Sherman)
Dub Syndicate & Andy Farley - Lack of education (Scott & Sherwood)
Dub Syndicate - Fire burning (Scott & Sherwood)
Creation Rebel - An independent man 10” (Creation Rebel & Sherwood)
Althea & Donna - JBC days (Michael ‘Mikey Dread’ Campbell)
DATC Players – Proper education dub (Campbell)
Dub Syndicate - Patient man(Scott)
Dub Syndicate & Big Youth – Emmanuel (lScott & Manley ‘Big Youth’ Buchanan)
Dub Syndicate & I Roy - Ital breakfast (Scott & Sherwood)
Dub Syndicate - Japanese records(Scott & Sherwood)
Buju Banton – Destiny end tune (Donovan Germain)
Re: style scott?
October 16, 2014 12:32PM
Re: style scott?
October 18, 2014 02:28PM
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