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Mykal Rose Mill Valley

Posted by Sense 
Mykal Rose Mill Valley
September 04, 2014 03:09AM
Any one make it to the Mykal Rose show at Sweetwater on 8/29? Did Etana play? how was it?

I was trying to make it but...got the call to support some friends' musical jam session/get together ...

thought he sounded good at ROTR - strangely my first time seeing him.
Re: Mykal Rose Mill Valley
September 05, 2014 07:57PM
Saw him last night at the bellyup. He was in fine form and played for over an hour and a half.

Worst part of the night though was having to sit through Fenton's ONE HOUR opening set. I can understand a few songs to open the show, but one hour was way too much and almost unbearable. The dance floor was empty and the bellyup crowd was not into it at all.
Re: Mykal Rose Mill Valley
September 05, 2014 09:48PM
Thanks Miguel, only seen Fenton once at the independent many years ago opening for someone else; they played a seemingly very long set then as well. Unbearable is kind of a harsh word, i guess it's just not my thing...
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