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Posted by sistadi 
June 16, 2014 06:41PM
Greetings, just checking if anyone has any discount tics . . there are 3 of seeking tics for the show .. .Give Tks & Bless . .looking forward to irie vibes this weekend . .. Bless
Re: Tickets
June 16, 2014 07:01PM
Good luck Sistadi. Hope you find them. I am looking as well. Put me on the list for 2. smiling smiley
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 12:00AM
Greetings and salutations Sisters & Brothers

I have ONE three day pass, only, available for sale at what I paid - early bird price of $ 150.00
*was $ 153.97 with ticket fee but will take the $ 4.00 hit

One of our crew is injured & he can't make it to the show confused smiley

I am sorry but I will accept cash, only, for it - I am camping at Hendy Woods & arriving there on Thursday evening 6/19: maybe we hook up there or ??

My name is Lori Sue - and I am "a long time listener" & been going to the fest-y for 15 years straight: this is legit ( as I am, too )

email is blazedoggie@comcast.net -- Email me for further contact info please --- First come/First sale on this one
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 12:11AM
Lori Sue is legit! thumbs up
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 04:11AM
I sent you a PM
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 04:49AM
Ticket is sold-Thanks!!!cool smiley

See ya all at the show
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 05:03AM
That's how It Is DONE smiling smiley
Re: Tickets
June 17, 2014 03:55PM
WOW, see how I missed that one so quick .. .waaaahhhhhh!!! Okay let's try again. . .still seeking those tics . .bless . Pls contact me @ sistadi@hotmail.com, or just private message me here . . .gv tks & bless

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