It's a Reminder...
April 05, 2014 04:39PM
Midnite's new tune, It's a Reminder, has got me going! This is a big tune, and a great start to this new album! I found this link on YouTube with all the lyrics, which makes it even that much more meaningful. Also, much like how Pressure has two tunes by the name, 'Show Love,' so does MIdnite...Reminder off of Assini, one of my favorite older Midnite albums. Fulljoy massive!

Re: It's a Reminder...
April 05, 2014 09:57PM
Wow, great tune Teachdem! Thanks for posting! I'm thinking I might have to make my 1st Midnite purchase in a couple years. I seem to like the I-Grade releases better than the actual Midnite ones...
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 05, 2014 10:28PM
Reggaebe, I been listening to midnite for years now, but fell off a little bit myself, as you posted on the dezarie thread. I just asked Rossta the same question you did. I just got the new album beauty for ashes, Which I think is hotta fya, with some true hits. There's a couple sleepers on there but the majority are solid, specially the tracks with Lutan fya, pressure , and batch. There are several midnite solos that I really enjoyed as well.

I just purchased lion out of Zion and beauty for ashes. I need to give lion out of Zion some more time, I'm saving it for the car and trying to really connect with each tune, I'd say they're both worth it.

Big up!
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 08, 2014 09:44PM
Nice thread guys! Love Beauty for Ashes! I really like Lion out of Zion too, it will grow on you teachdem!

IGrade Midnite releases are the best and have taken over from ARL as there best work IMHO.

My personal fav off the new album

Re: It's a Reminder...
April 08, 2014 09:46PM
I cannot get the videos to come up right anymore, I copy the link and then post it in the movie spot and then it still comes up that way ^^
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 08, 2014 09:57PM
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 08, 2014 09:57PM
Sorry Daniel, I need help, not sure what I am doing wrong. Doing the same thing I have always done.
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 08, 2014 10:08PM
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 09, 2014 02:13AM
Wow. I hadn't yet seen the Rainforest Dub videos - love it! Were these and the Fish market sessions impromptu or scheduled shows? Love seeing all the artists: Batch, Vaughan, Pressure, Niyorah in their own element nicing it up. Never seen 'Haile Selassie I Rastaman Crown' live, that was nice!!

Not the biggest Ancient King fan, anyone else?

Rossta, I am definitely diggin Lion out of Zion, as usual, the first track on Midnite albums is often very slow, so I admit I am skipping that one, and then I love tracks 2 - 5, many others as well, but those are the hits for right now.

Big up Midnite crew, definitely revitalizing my Midnite passion , which is always going strong, but encouraging me to check their latest stuff. Large up every time!!
Re: It's a Reminder...
April 09, 2014 03:49AM
Actually I haven't fallen that far off. I do have Children of Jah, and burned a copy of Kings Bell from a friend (yes I'm a sinner). I'm thinking I will pick up Beauty For Ashes within the next few weeks, I just love those I-Grade releases!
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