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Morgan Heritage

Posted by akee123 
Morgan Heritage
August 16, 2013 05:53PM
I'm not sure about others, but I expected more from Morgan Heritages latest release. It didn't reach the expectations for their "return."
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 16, 2013 07:53PM
I haven't listened to the entire album yet, but I wasn't overly impressed with their set at ROTR.....too much talking about themselves and not enough playing good music
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 12:10AM
Exactly...way too much hyperbole on their "return.".
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 12:23AM
Morgan Heritage is a great backing band and their absolute best work was about 10 plus years ago when they released Morgan Heritage vol. 1, 2 and 3 which were riddim albums featuring great tunes like Jah Jah City by Capleton.
Seriously Morgan Heritage should consider building some new riddims and voicing all the hot new culture artists. It's their best work by a mile and a furlong.
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 01:09AM
So at ROTR..........I agree that were lackluster for the most part. The first artist that sang/chanted for them was great. Peter called him another one of their "brothers" I think. Also the African artist that sang one of the last songs was also VERY good. Anyone know who those two were? I know the "brother" wasn't Laza or the other one from LMS. Anyone??
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 02:15AM
The African Artist was Aladji Man of the Senegalese Hip Hop group "Daara J" (they played rotr years ago, big up rotr for introducing me to nuff African Artists)

I forget the name of the singer who opened up, but they did mention he is Gramps Morgan's son....

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Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 06:13PM
Thanks Collie4Nyah! That helps a lot. I remember that Daara J year, nice african hiphop vibz.
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 17, 2013 06:19PM
I thought their ROTR performance was pretty good. Not headliner material, but good nonetheless.

Funny how out of my top 5 favorites at ROTR this year, none of them were headliners...
Re: Morgan Heritage
August 19, 2013 07:02PM
Gramps son is Jemere Morgan-he opened up when they recently played at Brixton Acadamy with Marcia.
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