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the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens

Posted by Peacemakeya 
the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 08, 2013 10:16PM
‘The WAILERS’ – Survival Revival Tour
with Opening by Roger Steffens

Tue...Jan.... 8..... Ann Arbor, MI…..….The Ark
Thur...........13.....Chicago, IL….……....Old Town School Of Music
Wed...........16...,..Philadelphia, PA…....World Cafe Live
Thur...........17.....Woodstock, NY…......Bearsville Theatre
Fri...............18.....Bethlehem, PA….......Musikfest Café
Tue.............22.....Boston, MA……….....Brighton Music Hall
Fri...............25.....Easton, MD……........Avalon Theatre
Fri.....Feb......1.....Arcata, CA……….….Van Duzer Theatre
Wed..............6.....Sacramento, CA...…..Ace Of Spades
Thur..............7.....San Francisco, CA….The Independent
Fri.................8......San Juan Capistrano, CA..Coach House
Sat................9......Solano Beach, CA.….Belly Up
Wed............13.....Agoura Hills, CA..…....Canyon Theatre
Thur............21.....Portland, OR………....Hawthorne Theatre
Fri...............22.....Victoria, BC………......Club 9ONE9
Sat..............23.....Vancouver, BC……....Commodore Ballroom
Sun.............24.....Seattle, WA…………...The Neptune

American reggae archivist Roger Steffens will embark on a two-month tour of the United States
and Canada as opening act for the Wailers Band’s ‘Survival Revival.’

The 70-year-old Steffens is world-famous for his reggae archives which occupy six rooms of his
home in Los Angeles. Steffens will lecture and provide video presentations on Bob Marley‘s Survival
album and the history of Jamaican pop music. “I will do a 45-minute set in which I will talk about the
album’s significance in Bob’s work, the meaning of its lyrics, show photographs that I took while touring
with Bob on the original Survival tour in California in 1979, and tell anecdotes about Bob’s continuing
influence in the world today,” Steffens told the Jamaica Observer.

“So far, we have 18 shows booked together from Boston to Vancouver, including a date at the newly-restored
Howard Theater in Washington DC,” he added. Released by Island Records in 1979, Survival was Marley’s
ode to freedom fighters in Africa. He performed on the continent in 1980. Marley died in May 1981 at age 36.

The current Wailers band is led by bass player Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett, who played on Survival l and toured
with Marley to support the album. The other Wailers members are Koolant Brown on lead vocals,
Keith Sterling (keyboards), Drummie Zeb (drums), Audley Chisholm (rhythm guitar), and Cegee Victory on
background vocals.
(Jamaica Observer)
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 08, 2013 11:30PM
ha my friend just posted a picture of himself and Roger Steffens in a pub in A2 i was wondering what he was doing in the dirty Mitten.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 09, 2013 12:16AM
Jan 12 Sat Bears Den At Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel Niagara Falls, NY
Details: The Wailers Find Tickets »

Jan 23 Wed Turning Stone Resort & Casino Showroom Verona, NY
08:00 PM The Wailers Find Tickets »
United States Of America (8)

Jan 9 Wed Viper Alley Lincolnshire, IL
09:00 PM The Wailers with Spare Parts
Details: The Wailers Find Tickets »on TicketWeb

Jan 11 Fri Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
07:00 PM The Wailers Perform Survival
Details: The Wailers Find Tickets »

Jan 13 Sun Howard Theatre Washington, DC
08:00 PM The Wailers Find Tickets »

Jan 20 SunThe Paramount Huntington, NY
08:00 PM The Wailers Find Tickets »

Jan 22 Tue Brighton Music Hall Boston, MA
09:00 PM WAILERS to perform Survival/ Wailers Historian Roger Steffens
Details: The Wailers Find Tickets »

Jan 31 Thu Ashland Armory Ashland, OR
08:30 PM The Wailers Find Tickets »on TicketWeb

Feb 5 Tue El Rey Theatre Chico, CA
08:30 PM The Wailers
Find Tickets »on TicketWeb
Feb 13 Wed
The Canyon Agoura Hills, CA
09:00 PM
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 09, 2013 05:51PM

blessid love
ras danny
higher reasoning reggae time
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Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 12, 2013 12:35PM
Drummie Zeb? Surprised at this
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 31, 2013 02:18AM
it's not the Drummie Zeb from Aswad, but the Wailers current drummer. I didn't know and someone schooled me.

Looking forward to seeing the Wailers and Roger Steffens Feb 1, 2013 at Humboldt State University. Any other boardies going?
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 31, 2013 02:21AM
Roger also informed me today that Koolant Brown will not be singing but a singer named D'anglin. But Keith Sterling who played with Peter Tosh's Word Sound and Power will be on keyboards with Aston Barrett Jr. will be on keys as well with Familyman Barrett on Bass. The only song not being played on this tour is "Babylon System" which to me is one of the best songs on Survival and sadly no Horns either but having checked a live tape of the Columbus Ohio show from 1-11-2013, I am not wanting to miss hearing "Top Ranking" performed live.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
January 31, 2013 08:49PM
not knocking the hustle, as apparently they were able to put together a tour..

but that aside..

what is the appeal here? just the single connection of an original wailer ? is that enough to conjour up the ghost of bob marley ? maybe the grades in that part of the world are strong enough to cause one to see bob marley in the place of <name-your-fill-in-volcalist>..

still no hate on the thing.. as i dont begrudge a man his honest hustle. just curious what people see in this version of the 'wailers'
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 12:17AM

Check Archive #684 from woodsongs (audio or video). I saw this show late last fall. Different lineup and songs as this tour, but still a nice tight group. My daughter loved it and the props to Bob all night. Duane Stephenson was a great addition!
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 03:11AM

maybe not everybody is tired or will ever tire of hearing Bob's music. Why go see them this time...they will be playing Survival- to me the most powerful of Bob's albums. And for those that didn't get to see Bob Marley, a chance to "Call up Marley's spirit" and celebrate the life and music of Bob Marley. I have a strong feeling that if you love his music, he lives in your heart.

It's not important to me how many "Wailers" that actually played with Bob are in the current band, as long as the music and vocals are good and what I heard sounded good enough to make a 6 hour round trip to see this show.

I've written most of this before and I don't mind writing it again. For some the "Wailers" are a "Vegas show" but I've been a Bob Marley fan since 1976 when my parents brought back a copy of Natty Dread from Jamaica and I don't have any thoughts of stopping.anytime soon.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 03:29AM
Hey Aquaponics

Thanks for the headsup on the Old time Radio show hour, wow some really great music to hear there! Give Thanks!
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 01:04PM
yes-I, yours for the taking...
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 02:51PM
I know the wailers appear in different times and places with different members but I saw them @ Independent SF years ago and it was the worst, disney, bubble gum, wannabe lyp syncing crapola. No variation on a single note or inflection from Bobs studio recordings. It was frankly sickening and I hope these guys are not on the same hustle. WEAK.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 02:54PM
did you check the video or audio from the link I posted...not WEAK. Duane and Koolant were top notch and soulFULL, imo
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 01, 2013 02:59PM
cool if its a different hustle done right, I saw it done completely wrong which soured me on the concept overall.....good luck with that
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 03, 2013 10:33PM
Thanks to my good friend Dubwise Garage, have a little listen for yourself and see if you should check it...

Wailers at HSU 2-1-2013
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 04, 2013 12:01AM
Ill be at the Chico show on Tuesday.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 09, 2013 12:49AM
Tonight ... the Coach House - San Juan Capistrano

2 reasons to support & enjoy the Wailers 'Survival Revival' tour with Roger Steffens' opening Bob Marley multi-media & spoken word presentation.

1) Family Man 'Fams' Barrett is the last surviving contemporary of Bob's still performing as a Wailer. Fams was not merely a band mate ... he was the co-writer of much, if not most, of the rhydms ... I would go to Fam's show just to shake the hand of that man.

2) Roger Steffens is the only journalist who became a trusted brethren of Bob's ... Roger was actually on the bus for a significant part of the journey. That combined with Roger's indomitable good vibes, good humor & insights - are a rare window into that incredible golden era of reggae history that will never be repeated. The fact is that many of the reggae pioneers are now aging and passing to the other side. This Survival Revival tour is one of those opportunities where your grandchildren could say: "I wished I could have been there"

You never miss your water till the well runs dry
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 09, 2013 01:49AM
Without Familyman there would be no Bob Marley and the Wailers. That's the appeal...
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 09, 2013 04:19AM
I just wish they would call it something like Familyman and the New Wailers and play some of Fams' other material too, he co-wrote and produced some badass stuff for Burning Spear and others too. Of course the Bob connection is the big money draw, but in a more perfect world where people do their homework and appreciate music, they would not have to call this thing "The Wailers" any more. Any singer trying to emulate/ channel Bob will usually be the weakest link. No horns.. what about harmony/ backing vocals? The I Three were a big part of the Wailers classic sound in my opinion.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 09, 2013 10:05PM
I was dubious about checking out the latest Familyman-led version of what's billed as The Wailers, who played St. Louis' Old Rock House in November 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, though, for two main reasons: One, the musicianship of the band was right on; secondly, there were two singers not one, neither of whom tried to imitate Bob. I'd heard "The Wailers" before, years ago, and the singer sounded like a raspy Bob. Not so with the latest guys. It was all very well done.
Re: the Wailers on Tour with Roger Steffens
February 10, 2013 12:28AM
Saw the Wailers last night at Coach House, San Juan. Survival is not an easy album to cover. To pull it off all night, vocally and musically, is a huge accomplishment. So big up to the entire band for that. For synth horn patches, Keith Sterling on keys put the element from Survival's horn lines into the live show nicely. As for Roger Steffens lecture on Bob, I couldn't help but to revert back to elementry school when the principle was speaking in the multi purpose room, and the hallway monitors were shushing all the kids for talking during the speech. I'm sure his content is profound, but the problem is that unless you were standing or sitting next to the stage, you couldn't hear or understand anything. Over 75% of the audience was frustrated, and I truely felt bad for Roger standing up there while people were calling him off stage so they can hear the band play. I can't imagine this hasn't been an issue at other venues on this tour. Or maybe South Orange County is just a good place to pull it off. After building up the anticipation with two opening bands, how can you expect a croud to tone it back down and be silent for a lecture? Maybe this whole concept could flow better if Roger would come on when doors open, and people who care to learn this great history can come early when people are still sober and attentive for a lecture. Just had to share because I don't see anyone else has mentioned this.
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