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yummy plantains

Posted by iriebarto 
yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 05:39PM
Anybody have any tips on grilling these?? I pretty much just threw em on the grill and they got hard and dry.. maybe they weren't ripe enough?? Must be some trick
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 05:53PM
you want a hot grill with low fire or heat. usually dipped in rum or rubbed with brown sugar will help in searing tge outside to a carmel crispy type outside and soft and warm insides....atleast thats what I like to do
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 06:02PM
yow herbalist, agreed.

...best thing is to either get real real ripe ones or buy them just how they come and wait for them to get real ripe.

the riper they r the sweeter the cooked plantain will be.
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 06:10PM
I fry 'em in a cast iron skilet with coconut oil, extra ripe like BG sed.....

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Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 07:06PM
julian slice the ripest plantains you can find. cook for a while in oil over low/med heat, i like to add garlic thru a press and chopped-tiny ginger. Let em fry till a little burnt. cool em on a paper bag. sprinkle a little salt for extra savory sweet sensation. .. love it
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 07:20PM
Prime!! Give thanks for all the great input.. the outside turn brown when dem ripe??
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 07:47PM
brown and bruised-like....like bananas just beginning to turn bad.

always good tricks in the market for picking the best plantains, ground food like yucca, tanyah, green banana, the freshest fish and fruits as well...
(altho my empress swear by green fruit alone)
Re: yummy plantains
July 02, 2012 09:50PM
Thank you!! Does it help to put em in the fridge like nanners?? Speed up the ripen process seen?
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