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New Mongoose cd on Skank Records

Posted by Prof 
New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 01, 2007 12:51PM
Maimon And The Mongoose Band release "Third Ear" on Skank Records

* First new recordings since 2000
* 13 outstanding tracks
* Just under 60 minutes of crucial tunes
* 16 page booklet with lyrics
* Produced by Ronnie “Stepper” McQueen

The following is taken from the original liner notes, which were written for the booklet but were later omitted. (They’re now in their entirety at [www.skankproductions.com])

...In 1999, Maimon met Ronnie “Stepper” McQueen, the original bass player for Steel Pulse, who was also living in Southern California. They connected immediately and Stepper soon joined Mongoose as an integral part of the sound and vibe.

A year later, they recorded and released a 5-song demo EP produced by Stepper, called Special Edition. Consisting of Clear Night, All Yours, Soul People, Puff And Relax and Police Terror, it showcased the band’s tight sound and the maturing of Maimon’s songwriting. But it was void of lead guitars and harmony vocals and was never considered a finished product. They toured in support of it, though, as they were selected for the NACA convention [National Association for Campus Activities] which resulted in the band doing college tours and ultimately playing throughout the U.S.

Since 2001, they’ve been playing steady gigs on the West Coast (with appearances at the Montreal Jazz and other festivals) and evolving musically; honing their sound and getting tighter as an ensemble. In 2005, they were preparing to press new copies of their EP when Skank Records stepped in with a bigger idea.

This disc was originally going to be a compilation of different tracks from [their debut] Soul Deliverance and Special Edition (with added overdubs) plus two new songs. After hearing the subtle changes to the EP tracks, as well as the brilliance of the two new tunes, it was decided to scrap the older material (except for Slumber City) and go with even more new songs.

Believe me when I say the results are stronger than strong. Puff And Relax was kept the same but all the other EP tunes were altered. Brand new harmonies, guitars and even some new vocals from Maimon add a whole new feel to the tracks. And the other new songs are fantastic, from the opening scorcher, Come To Pray, through the updated version of Soul People. There’s even an absolute crucial tune, Uman, which is sung in French over a hard-core roots vibe.

The music on Third Ear is dramatically smooth - totally fresh, yet familiar - with just over one hour of urban, rootsy tunes. And once again I felt it was imperative to have a booklet with info and lyrics, to totally absorb Maimon’s consciousness and message.

Maimon and the Mongoose Band, as they are now officially known, have come up with a classic and I’m truly proud to present it to the world.

Turn it up, skank it hard and enjoy.

- Professor Skank

For more info, and to listen to song samples and purchase this cd, check out: [www.skankproductions.com]

Re: New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 01, 2007 04:01PM
Why did they rename themselves? It kind of makes Maimon seem like the typcal ego-inflated lead singer, imo. Why not just "Mongoose"?

Can't wait to hear this cd...thanks Prof. Skank!


Re: New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 01, 2007 08:30PM
He said there's a few groups named Mongoose already out there, that's the reason.

Crucial disc. check it out.


Re: New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 01, 2007 10:35PM
Thanks Prof. Skank. That makes PERFECT sense. I almost knew that Maimon would have different reasons than just ego for the change.

As soon as my tax return comes, I will be visiting your website for a purchase. I have always appreciated Mongoose. Already listened to the sampling on your website and like what I hear!


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Re: New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 02, 2007 03:59AM
It is a good CD. Can't get 1945 and She's Swayin out of my head!!!!!
Re: New Mongoose cd on Skank Records
April 02, 2007 07:07PM
>was wondering what happened to this band.?

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