Hailing from Seoul, Korea, NST & the Soul Sauce, is an eight-piece roots reggae band that warms your heart and makes your soul dance. ​

Noh Seonteck, the former bassist for Windy City, a first-generation reggae band in Korea that has performed at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, CMW, and SXSW, started a solo project in 2015. He reached out to friends from some of Korea’s top reggae, ska, and psychedelic bands such as Kingston Rudieska, Windy City, and Kiha and The Faces to help him flesh out his new music. Realizing they had a special chemistry together, they soon started gigging around Korea. This is how NST & The Soul Sauce, Korea’s “all-star” reggae band was born. ​

With two feet firmly planted in roots reggae, their unique sound has elements of jazz, African beat, funk, soul, psychedelic, and nyabinghi blended with classic Korean pop. Along with influences of East Asian philosophy, they’ve created what they have dubbed: “Korean reggae." ​

In March 2016, the group released their first seven-track cassette called Heaven is Here/Song for Rico, which has a tasty sampling of reggae, jazz, dub mixed with plenty of catchy hooks. With this one album and their high energy live performances, they have won rave reviews from not only Korean but also international critics and earned the act invites to major festivals such as Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival(Korea) , Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Korea), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), and Hong Kong International Reggae Ska Festival. In September 2016, they released a 7" worldwide via Eastern Standard Sounds(Korea) and Jump Up Records(U.S.A.),which topped the album sales chart on ReggaeRecord.com. ​

NST & The Soul Sauce is currently recording a new full-length album and preparing both domestic and international tours for 2017.