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Date:    February 2, 2006
Topic:   Sierra Nevada World Music Festival – Moving to Mendocino County


Epiphany Artists is pleased to announce that SNWMF 2006 will be held at the Mendocino County Fair, in Boonville, California.  Situated in the heart of historic and picturesque Anderson Valley, the site selected by the festival’s organizers is an ideal place to hold an outdoor music and camping festival. 


Located just two hours north of San Francisco, this 30 acre facility includes a lush grass arena where the main stage will be located.  The adjoining grandstand provides shaded seating for lots of additional patrons.    The fairgrounds are spread out over flat terrain and there is plenty of room for a second stage.  The facility includes numerous structures including a dancehall.


The Fairground and adjoining property located behind it offer camping in a lovely valley surrounded by rolling hills dotted with broad sheltering oaks. The grassy fields will easily and comfortably accommodate all campers.  The absence of significant shading will be more than offset by the moderate temperatures that Anderson Valley enjoys in June.  There are showers and bathrooms on the fairgrounds, and we will also be setting up additional facilities in the camping area.   


Boonville is a small town located in the heart of Anderson Valley.  This splendid valley spans from Yorkville, on the eastern side to Navarro on the west.  In addition to its award-wining wineries, Anderson Valley abounds with grazing sheep, olive groves, apple orchards and oak trees.  The town of Philo is located towards the western edge of Anderson Valley, and is the home of Mendocino County’s only listener supported public broadcasting radio station: KZYX (90.7).  Although sleeping accommodations within Anderson Valley are extremely limited, they are both abundant and inexpensive in Ukiah which is only 21 miles away.  Cloverdale also has numerous hotels and motels.


The glorious Navarro River also meanders along Highway 128. Though docile within the heart of Anderson Valley, the river increases in beauty and intensity as it wanders the 18 miles from Navarro to the coast, a region that is laden with majestic redwood trees.  There are also some excellent swimming holes dotted throughout this area, making it a great place to visit before the music starts.  If you’re looking to camp off-site, the Paul M. Dimmick Campground (located here) and the Hendy Woods State Park (located just outside of Boonville), would be an ideal alternative to camping at SNWMF. 


Of the new venue, festival producer Warren Smith says:  “We think it’s a perfect fit.  The Fairground is beautiful and the community friendly and welcoming SNWMF’s music and spirit.  SNWMF extends a grateful thank you to Fairground Manager, Jim Brown, the Fairground Board of Directors, County Supervisor David Colfax, Mendocino County and the residents of Anderson Valley.  All of us at SNWMF are very excited to introduce SNWMF to Boonville!”


Sierra Nevada World Music Festival will be held June 23-25, 2006.   It’s the first weekend of the summer!   Only a limited number of tickets will be available for this event. “Early-bird” mail order tickets will go on sale February 6th.  Tickets will also be available at independent outlets and TicketMaster after April 1, 2006.


For additional information regarding Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2006, please visit our web site located at: www.snwmf.com 


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