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Michigan and Smiley are a Jamaican singjay duo of the late seventies first wave of Dancehall music, which included Yellowman, Eek a Mouse, Lone Ranger, General Echo, and others.

They first recorded at Clement Coxsone Dodd's famous Studio 1, pressing their first number one hit, "Rub a Dub Style", which featured their innovative call and response style vocals overdubbed on the classic Studio 1 rhythm, "Vanity".

Their next single, perhaps a larger hit, "Nice Up the Dance" was a version of the quintessential Studio 1 rhythm, "Real Rock". These singles, with four other tracks, also versions of classic Studio 1 rhythms, were released as their first LP, "Rub A Dub Style". The names of these two singles were quickly incorporated into the lexicon of dancehall phraseology. Their call and response style was likewise influential on the future developments of the music, blending together straightforward singing styles and toasting.

In 1980 they recorded “One Love Jam Down” at one of the most famous recording studios in Jamaica, “Tuff Gong Studios” on the 56 Hope Road label. By 1981, they caught the attention of seminal dancehall producer, Henry "Junjo" Lawes, who recorded their biggest hit, "Diseases" over the then immensely popular "Mad Mad" rhythm. This track was featured on their second and perhaps best LP, "Downpression".

They went on to cut an album for Channel One Records, "Step by Step". The last of their hit records was "Sugar Daddy", pressed on RAS Records, which featured yet another reworking of "Mad Mad". The duo continued to record and make appearances at festivals into the early nineties.  

The two have since been working on solo projects. General Smiley has recently released his new album “Stages” and is producing other artists as well on His “RuffCompany Records” label.” Papa Michigan has been producing and distributing from his "RASHANCO RECORDS" in Jamaica.

The Duo continues touring together and is still rocking the stage with their fabulous hits and exciting new music. Presently Michigan and Smiley is working hard laying down tracks and voicing inside RuffCompany Studio for the new CD.

Michigan & Smiley

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Sugar Daddy