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Born in 1950 in Kingston, Vivian Jackson acquired his unusual name fromhis 1972 debut single, "Conquering Lion". As leader of a group called"The Prophets", his music reflected a style that was deeply spiritual innature. Achieving cult status in the UK, his Ramadam, Prophecy of Dub, King Tubby Meets Vivian Jackson, Beware Dub are regarded as classics. Basing his faith centered music on traditional Rastafarian chants, hisinspirational musical renderings reflect a commitment to a reasoningthat has,at times, placed him at odds with some of his brethren. Incontrast to some Rastafarians who worship Haille Selassie as divine,Yabby reasons that : "...the Almighty is the power for Creation, andlives within man....the supreme live in we,as the higher Ites, thehighest Ites in Creation".

Deteriorating health resulted in an early retirement from the musicbusiness in the 1980's. Fortunately, the last decade has produced anever growing European collectors market --- thus initiating a comebackwith several re-pressings of his original work.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Yabby You
Yabby You

His music, hailed byreviewers as a "sonic bombardment",
will reverberate along the banks ofthe Feather River
this summer. Give thanks!

Artist Biography courtesy of Arianna


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