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Tom Tom Club and its eponymous first album were created by Chris Frantz andTina Weymouth in 1981. They moved to New York City where they foundedTalking Heads as a trio with David Byrne in 1975, joined in 1977 by JerryHarrison. After five years of touring and four albums written and recordedwith Talking Heads, Chris and Tina were signed in 1981 to Island Records bymusic industry legend Chris Blackwell, one of the first people to fullyappreciate the value of a great rhythm section in and of itself.

Tom Tom Club's first fresh single, a kooky hip-hop mix of freestyle rap overa funky groove, "Wordy Rappinghood" went into the top of the charts inseventeen countries. More remarkable still was their next single "Genius ofLove," which was promptly scooped up by deejays and pioneer turntablistsworldwide, all having by now recognized the Tom Tom Club as their own.Bubbling up from the underground, the song saw dozens of remixes andversions (notably, GrandMaster Flash & The Furious Five's "It's Nasty/Geniusof Love") and was sampled by artists as diverse as Ziggy Marley ("ConsciousParty") and Tupac Shakur. The album "Tom Tom Club" went gold.

Tom Tom Club

The second album "Close to the Bone" was never released on CD and is now acollectors item, with songs like "Pleasure of Love" and "Air." The thirdalbum, "Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom" was more esoterically minimalist rock thanfunky hip hop, featuring Lou Reed on guitar, and is also out of print today.The raw, stripped-down garage band sound hit the scene several years beforethe grunge movement would re-popularize that 1960s sound.

In the early '90s Chris and Tina worked with Debbie Harry and The Ramones,and produced Shirley Manson (who would soon make it big heading up pop bandGarbage) and Grammy Award-winning artists Los Fabulosos Cadillacs fromBuenos Aires (the album "Rey Azucar" would go platinum).

In the fall of 1999 they recorded their new party album, "The Good The Badand the Funky," consisting of ten original tracks and two classic covers.Worldwide release dates and other information regarding this latest albumare available at



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