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Hawaii's Premier Roots Reggae Band. The Heartical Crew are Livicated to their mission as singers and players of instruments. The Music They Play, Reggae Music, Is A Blessed Music. A Heartbeat Music. A Conscious Music. A Hola Music. Jah Music. Born In Jamaica And Brought To The Four Corners Of The Earth. Iniversal Music. Music In Praises Of The Most High, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari.

To know "The Heartical Crew" (THC), one should know the meaning of the word "heartical". Heartical can be expressed as a shared vibration or feeling based on love, truth, reason, righteousness and wisdom- positive feelings from the heart. It is this shared feeling among the singers and players of THC that creates their powerful sound. The best way to feel the heartical love of this band is to experience one of their high energy live performances. Their music has even opened eyes, ears and hearts of people unfamiliar to reggae music.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

The Heartical Crew
The Heartical Crew

The strength of THC is their ability to satisfy the masses- dancehall fans, clubs, including roots and progressive reggae audiences. From the classic roots-rockers to the modern digital dancehall rhythms, rebel music to lover's rock, THC plays it all. Besides being versatile, the music is complemented with conscious, thought-inspiring lyrics, sweet harmonious vocals, wicked dub dynamics and strong musicianship. Their music breaks through cultural and language barriers. It is a universal music. It is music for people who love life and for those striving to set the example of positive living.

The Heartical Crew have that positive energy that compels them to create songs of joy, pain, faith, politics, and life. Their songs are warm, deep, and refreshing. The music shines with vitality, energy and emotion all rolled into one. Their love for this music, JAH music, will excite and uplift you and reveal to you that THC is here to help the world and make it a better place for us all.

Artist Biography courtesy of the Website of THC


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