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OK, you have heard all the old and rehashed arguments about how Ska isstagnant and tired, so save it! Let's face it, one can only stomach so manyrip-offs of Hepcat. And ska-punk? How many more clones of Operation Ivydo we have to endure? Well you can forget about all of that. If you are even remotely "in the know," you'll remember the era of reggaemusic that gave us hits like "Live Injector" and "54-46," labels like Trojan andPama, and the legendary producers like Lee Perry and Leslie Kong, whobrought us the boss sound. And it is this era of Jamaican music and thesevery influences that Los Angeles' Rhythm Doctors have prescribed for your"Reggae Injection," their 11-track album, new from TKO Records.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Rhythm Doctors

Coming at you with that lead Hammond Organ, Leslie amps and a heavyheavy sound, the Rhythm Doctors deliver an authentic style that until nowhad been long since forgotten: a sound that was strictly the territory of DJsspinning the old tracks. The Doctors play a style of music that, while oftenpaid lip-service to, has failed to be captured by any of the current "ThirdWave" bands of the current ska scene until now. This outfit gives you thefunky elements of Toots and the Maytals, Lee Perry's dub driven beats, andthe live energy of Sly and the Family Stone. No matching suits, no '80scovers, no show tunes. The Rhythm Doctors have your dose of properreggae and hard ska.

Artist Biography courtesy of TKO Records


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