Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 1998


If there has ever been a band that transcends every genre without sounding generic, it is Hepcat. Born in the cultural gumbo of Las Angeles, Hepcat are similar in terms of the influences that have become the Hepcat sound. Blending seamlessly the styles of Ska, R&B, Calypso, Jazz, and Reggae their nine-piece line-up provides the depth and sound quality needed to get their ideas across to the listener. Whether on stage or in the studio, Hepcat combine songwriting prowess and the soulful musical ability necessary to transcend any one genre, without having the listener lose where they are coming from.

Vocalist Greg, Deston, and Alex provide the beautifully catchy melodies and harmonies, while Dave and Scott provide a rhythm section that is unstoppable. Using these elements as a foundation, the often-understated guitar playing that Aaron provides, which weaves the vocal melodies to the rhythm, is the fuel for the brass section of Efren, Raul, and Kincaid. Add them all up, and you get a whole that is worth much more than the sum of its part.

With a new record out on Hellcat/Epitaph in the fall of 1997 (co-owned by Brett Gurewitz and Tim Armstrong of Rancid), Hepcat are ready to go out on a world-wide tour starting with the Warped tour in July. Their critically acclaimed 1993 debut on Moon records gave them the start they needed to get the job done on their 1996 release "Scientific" (BYO). After touring North America and Canada, and a three-week tour of Europe, the name Hepcat is becoming more than just a way to describe a cool person. It is becoming a way to describe people's favorite band.

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