Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 1998

Anthony B

Anthony B was born Keith Anthony Blair on March 21, 1976, in Clarke's Town, Trelawny, Jamaica. His career had its nucleus in impromptu performances on the roadside of his community, where during the evenings he would sit with his friends beating drums and chanting down Babylon, much to the delight of the growing audience. Encouraged by the accolades and support from his neighbors, he decided to pursue a career in music and moved to live with an uncle in Portmore, St. Catherine on the outskirts of Kingston, the "reggae" music capital of Jamaica. There he aligned himself with Star Trail, and the label's renowned producer, Richard Bello Bell, who was immediately impressed with the youth. Anthony's first recording, "A De Man," opened the door for his first popular songs, "One Thing," "Hurt the Heart," and "Repentance Time."

Once in the spotlight, there was no turning back. Several of his limited tunes for other labels such as King of Kings, Sonic, Burro Int., Black Scorpio, and Rockers World have surfaced in recent months, but it's been his work for Star Trail that has been most impressive. In the spring of 1996 he recorded three exceptional songs on the same haunting Nyabinghi riddim, one of which was the inflammatory "Fire Pon Rome." "Run Come" was a rallying cry for the unity among current reggae entertainers, whilst "Row Mr. Fisherman" found himself, Louie Culture, and Sizzla--youthful Rasta warriors all three--joining together on a modern roots repatriation anthem of timeless quality.

Not since Bob Marley's seventies hey-day has reggae sounded this committed or, in Anthony B's case, so radically out spoken. Star Trail recording artist Anthony B has been igniting audiences with his no-holds-barred opposition to all forms of injustice from his earliest days. His broad appeal does well for his rising talent. Considered a firebrand by some who have fallen victim to his fly-in-you-face lyrics, Anthony B always delights the masses. He has made several stage appearances in Jamaica including White River Reggae Bash, Reggae Sunsplash, Reggae Sunfest and Sting. He also performed in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, at New York's S.O.B., and in Austria, Antigua, and Trinidad.

Anthony B's debut album, VP 1482 So Many Things (1996) features 16 tracks including the now-famous "Fire Pon Rome," "Raid the Barn," "Cold Feet," "Prophecy Ah Reveal," and many more. Facing the music never held greater meaning that when applied to the humble, yet controversial Anthony B. With the release of his debut album Anthony B has won numerous awards including the Tamika Reggae Awards for Best New Artist and Most Promising Artist, and the Rocker's Award Jamaica--Best Performance Sting '96. Anthony has also toured extensively appearing at SunFest Jamaica, Sunsplash World Tour '97, Graz Music Festival--Austria, along with appearances in the United States, Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean. Anthony also made an appearance in the hit Jamaican movie "Dancehall Queen," and also joins in on the soundtrack.

With the release of Universal Struggle, VP1510, in 1997, Anthony B prepares to excite the reggae world as well as demand the respect he so rightly deserves. "Universal Struggle" contains 12 tracks, and the CD contains 5 bonus tracks such as "Waan Back" and "Zinc Fence Jungle." A video of the track "Damage" was released in November, 1997.

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