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Heavy dub in the mix! Twilight Circus Dub powers bass & drum fuelled grooves to cure hangovers and wake the neighbors - watch out for flying speaker cones! seismic low end!

Currently located in The Netherlands, Twilight Circus ringmaster Ryan Moore grew up in Canada and is rooted in reggae and dub. He has been playing instruments and in numerous bands since 1981, including cult heroes The Legendary Pink Dots - appearing on over 50 releases with various artists from the indie scene.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Twilight Circus Dub

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In the studio, multi instrumentalist Moore plays and mixes all the tracks himself. This, along with his fluent grasp of the dub genre and almighty grooves, contribute to his unique sound.

Twilight Circus tracks are receiving heavy rotation on college radio, top sound systems and by DJs including Mixmaster Morris, DJ Spooky, Leftfield, Wordsound etc. The nine full length releases on the market explore many new realms of dub.

Since 1995, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System has performed 100's of live shows in Europe and North America. In Europe Moore has developed a new show at clubs & festivals.


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