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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ras Rocker Tobias is the former originator and front man for the Skadanks, a key component in the NY City Ska scene in the mid-1980s. After toasting and dee-jaying at Mars Bay, Wild Pitch and the Wetlands in Manhattan for Rob Kenner’s sound system BBC2, Puppy Ranks’ Eruption Hi Power and TNT Boys & Girls, Rocker T formed Jah Warrior Shelter High Fidelity in the early 1990s, bringing his sound system to many venues, including the infamous Lion’s Den in New York City’s West Village.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Rocker T

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Recently, Rocker T, a self-described traveling gypsy, has been spreading his messages throughout the US and European reggae and dancehall communities with the Cannabis Cup Band, Version City Rockers, Stubborn All-Stars, P.S.M., and his International Rastafarian Transport (IRT) band. He has worked alongside and performed with KRS-1, Sugar Minott, Rita Marley, Shinehead, Super Cat, Sidney Mills, Andrew Tosh, Maxi Priest and many others. A few of Rocker T’s songs have had some airplay on Jamaican radio, a very hard market to penetrate and a great accomplishment for a reggae/dancehall artist from "foreign."

From his beginnings with skinhead and new wave bands to his ‘sing-jaying’ style of ragga hip-hop, dancehall and reggae of today. Rocker T’s socially conscious lyrics and positive musical messages encourage listeners to transcend the negative and apathetic ways of the world. He also encourages listeners to get involved with political processes to enact positive changes. Taking his example from His Majesty Haile Selassie, Rocker T is a strong Believer in self-determination and self-reliance, fighting for truths, rights and legalization of ganja by putting himself out on the frontlines with his music and actions.

Musical releases include Nicer By The Hour, and his two Positive Sound Massive releases, Tru Ganjaman and the more recent, If Yu Luv Luv, Show Ya Luv. His music is a vital link between the messages of hip-hop, dancehall and pure reggae. If you love love, show your love… to Rocker T, a crucial addition to the SNWMF 2001 lineup.

bio By Adaria Armstrong


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