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The missing link between African, Latin, Caribbean and African-American music, the Ex-Centric's sound ranges from a weighty, muscular dub to a sweetly harmonized anthem, fusing traditional African styles with modern clubby styles. The seemingly improbable partnership of fine musicians with Israeli, Ghanian, West Indian, and Moroccan heritage has created a hypnotizing, charismatic sound, using such diverse instruments as African thumb piano, Ethiopian harp, wooden xylophones, and flutes. The vocals in Ghanian, Ethiopian, English, and Rwandan breathe life into the stripped-down funky heavy bass and trap drums. The result is a highly original sound that bridges the magic of ancient Africa and the powerful grooves of contemporary sounds, amid circular rhythms, vocals layered over loping West African percussion, and dubbed-out Ethiopian and Ghanaian chants. Bassist and band leader Yossi Fine has always been fascinated by the shared origins of African and Afro-centric music. The other gifted artists in the group include Nana, son of a Fante tribal chief with exceptional drumming, and Michael Avgil, Moroccan/Israeli. The band hit the road running in 1997, and their highly original sound and on-stage charisma got them into several important music festivals. Meanwhile, they recorded their debut album "Electric Voodooland" at King Solomon's Shack, Yossi's studio in Tel Aviv.
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Ex-Centric Sound System
Ex-Centric Sound System The album is a multi-cultural set produced, recorded, and mixed by Yossi and Eyal Midyan, and executive produced by Brian Landau for QED Entertainment. Rating "Electric Voodooland" as 'exceptional', Vibe Magazine raves, "Ex-Centric Sound System transport ancient wisdom harmonies, ghostly vocals, Rasta grounation drumming on the back of modern sonics. This is spiritual food in the pop music desert.


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