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Brazil Beat Sound System:

Afro-Brazilian rhythms ignite the dance floor when the Brazil Beat Sound System steps up. The cutting-edge percussion & DJ trio from Brazil/USA has just returned from New Zealand and Australia, where they created a sensation with their unique mix of electronica and live drumming.

Master Percussionist Nego Beto sets the tempo with drum rhythms that have come down through 400 years of African presence in Brazil. Samba, afoxé, ijexá, xangô, all are played reverently and with unparalleled energy. The rhythms of capoeira take on a new fire when coupled with ragamuffin stylee, infused with thunderous basslines.

These rhythms originate from the candomblé religion (syncretic mix of African spiritism and Catholicism), which developed in Brazil and continues to be a huge part of Brazilian culture, a culture shared with Cuba (santeria) and other Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean populations.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Brazil Beat Sound System

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DJ Mara spins Brazilian and world music without boundaries alongside funky house, techno, & drum-n-bass. Original beats and basslines are the foundation of Brazil Beat, extracting the tribal from the technological, polling the raw energy of live performance.

Percussionist / dancer Justine is the eye-candy of the group, maintaining the rhythm, bringing in effects, and leading the choreography.

Brazil Beat Sound System captivates the audience, generating a pulsating groove that keeps every dance floor bumping. Look for special guest appearances at their SNWMF show.


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