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From Puerto Rico comes the sizzling sound of Bayanga. The 10-piece band kicks up dust with its stomping, upbeat mix of reggae, ska, soca, rumba and salsa. Bayanga fires up reggae music, bringing it closer to the dynamic rhythms from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Africa and Brazil. They label their unique brand of music "Rumba Skanking." An intense brass section pumps the tight arrangements, and the conscious lyrics deliver a clear message.

Puerto Rico is home to one of the most vibrant musical traditions in the Caribbean. The gutsy plena and bomba styles and even jibara (country music) have their roots in the centuries of cultural mixing between the African and the European. Bayanga brings an even more exciting fusion, updating these traditional styles with the latest studio innovations, affirming their Puerto Rican identity, while placing themselves squarely in the international arena.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival


With only 2 years under their belt, they have toured extensively, sharing stages with top names in Jamaican reggae and appearing at major festivals. The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is pleased to present Bayanga in an exclusive California appearance. Don’t miss their set; it will blow you away!

- MW

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