Third World

Formed in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, Third World is a reggae band that has played a crucial role in shaping the genre’s landscape. Pioneers of reggae fusion, they are renowned for their eclectic mix of reggae, R&B, funk, pop, and dancehall.

The founding members — Stephen “Cat” Coore, Michael “Ibo” Cooper, Willie Stewart, Milton “Prilly” Hamilton, and A.J. Brown — came together with a vision to create a sound that transcended traditional reggae boundaries. Their early success was marked by their debut single, “Railroad Track,” which garnered attention both in Jamaica and internationally.

Third World’s breakthrough came with their album 96 Degrees in the Shade (1977), featuring the hit single of the same name. The album showcased the band’s ability to seamlessly blend reggae with other genres, setting the stage for their distinctive sound. The politically charged lyrics reflected the band’s commitment to addressing social issues.

Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Third World continued to achieve success with albums like Journey to Addis (1978) and Arise in Harmony (1980). Their unique style, characterized by intricate musical arrangements, tight harmonies, and socially conscious lyrics, earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

The band’s international breakthrough came with the crossover success of the album Hold On to Love (1987), featuring the hit single “Try Jah Love.” Collaborations with renowned artists like Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 further solidified Third World’s status as a global force in music.

Despite lineup changes over the years, including the departure of some original members, Third World has maintained its commitment to musical innovation and social consciousness. They have consistently toured the world, sharing their infectious rhythms and positive messages with audiences of all backgrounds.

With a discography spanning over four decades, including notable albums like Serious Business (1989) and Generation Coming (1994), Third World is a dynamic force in reggae. Their enduring legacy is not only defined by their chart-topping hits but also by their influence on subsequent generations of musicians exploring the fusion of reggae with diverse musical genres.

We are so excited to welcome the original Reggae Ambassadors back to SNWMF for what is sure to be a sensational performance!


Studio Albums

Third World (1976)
96° in the Shade (1977)
Journey to Addis (1978)
The Story’s Been Told (1979)
Arise in Harmony (1980)
Rock the World (1981)
You’ve Got the Power (1982)
All the Way Strong (1983)
Sense of Purpose (1985)
Hold on to Love (1987)
Serious Business (1989)
Rock the World (1990)
Committed (1992)
Live It Up (1995)
Generation Coming (1999)
The Story’s Been Told (1999)
Ain’t Givin’ Up (2003)
Riddim Haffa Rule (2004)
Black Gold Green (2006)
Patriots (2010)
Under the Magic Sun (2014)
More Work to Be Done (2019)

Live Albums

Prisoner in the Street (1980)
Dedicated to Stevie Wonder (1982)
Third World Live (2001)
Live in Hawaii & Jamaica (2002)
Music Hall in Concert (2007)


Reggae Greats (1985)
Reggae Ambassadors (1994)
The Best of Third World (1993)
Greatest Hits (1995)
25th Anniversary (2001)
Now That We’ve Found Love (2004)
Tuff Mi Tuff (2006)
The Best of Third World: The Millennium Collection (2007)

June 16 @ 03:00
03:00 — 04:00 (1h)