Steel Pulse

Formed in Birmingham, England in 1975, Steel Pulse is one of the most influential, beloved and enduring reggae bands in the world. Known for their socially conscious lyrics, captivating melodies, and powerful stage presence, Steel Pulse continues to leave an indelible mark on the reggae world.

The band’s founding members, David Hinds, Basil Gabbidon, and Ronnie “Stepper” McQueen, drew inspiration from their Afro-Caribbean roots and the vibrant reggae scene bubbling away in the United Kingdom in the mid ‘70s. Steel Pulse’s early sound was deeply rooted in traditional reggae, with a distinctive blend of Rastafarian spirituality and messages of social justice.

In early 1978, they aligned with the Rock Against Racism organization and were a feature of its first music festival together with rock and punk bands. Soon thereafter they joined Island Records.Their first release for Island was the “Ku Klux Klan” single, about the evils of racism, and one often accompanied by a visual parody of the KKK on stage. Their debut album, Handsworth Revolution (1978), catapulted Steel Pulse into the spotlight, earned critical acclaim and established them as leaders in the reggae movement. The title track, an anthem of resistance, reflects the band’s commitment to addressing political and racial issues. The album’s success marked the beginning of a remarkable career that has spanned several decades.

Steel Pulse continued to evolve their sound, incorporating elements of jazz, funk, and even punk, while maintaining their reggae foundation. Albums like True Democracy (1982) and Earth Crisis (1984) showcase their musical versatility and commitment to exploring new sonic territories. They won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album for their 1986 release Babylon the Bandit and were nominated for the same award for Mass Manipulation in 2019.  

Over the years, the lineup has seen changes, but David Hinds remains the driving force behind Steel Pulse, leading the band with his distinctive vocals and insightful songwriting. 

As they continue to tour and release new music, Steel Pulse remains a beacon of authenticity and resilience in the world of reggae, inspiring generations with their timeless message of love, unity, and social consciousness.


Studio albums

Handsworth Revolution (1978)
Tribute to the Martyrs (1979)
Caught You (1980)
True Democracy (1982)
Earth Crisis (1984)
Babylon the Bandit (1986) Grammy Award Winner – Best Reggae Album
State of Emergency (1988)
Victims (1991)
Vex (1994)
Rage and Fury (1997)
African Holocaust (2004)
Mass Manipulation (2019) Grammy Award Nominee – Best Reggae Album

Live albums

Rastafari Centennial – Live in Paris (Elysee Montmartre) (1992)
Living Legacy (1998)

Compilation albums

Reggae Greats (1984)
Smash Hits (1993)
Rastanthology (1996)
Sound System: The Island Anthology (1997)
Ultimate Collection (2000)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Steel Pulse (2004)
Rastanthology II: The Sequel (2006)
Love This Reggae Music: 1975–2015 (2016)

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