In his first California performance in seven years, the mighty lion “Jah Messenjah” Luciano is ready to set the SNWMF stage on fiyah!

With 26 full length albums under his belt, Luciano’s deeply conscious music and lyrics have inspired generations of reggae fans.

Luciano’s first releases included the hit single “Give My Love a Try” and the 1993 no. 1 UK reggae hit “Shake It Up Tonight”. His first album Where There Is Life came out on Island Jamaica. It contained such hits as “It’s Me Again Jah” (no. 1 single in Jamaica), “Who Could It Be.” Luciano committed to conscious music and has shown supreme dedication to Rastafari and conscious roots music.

The artistic name “Luciano” came in comparison to the opera legend Luciano Pavarotti due to the resonation of his powerful voice with impeccable inflection, tone, range and pitch. His vocals can sit comfortably between roots & culture, R&B/Disco, Blues and even Country and Western. Luciano means ‘light’ which is what he shares with his many fans.

As he continues to spread the message of love, lift spirits and energize his many fans across the globe, Luciano engages with his audiences like none other, with live show performances that are breathtaking; he never fails to give his all.


Moving Up (1993)
One Way Ticket (1994)
After All (1995)
Where There Is Life (1995)
Messenger (1996)
Sweep Over My Soul (1999)
Live (2000)
A New Day (2001)
Great Controversy (2001)
Serve Jah (2003)
Visions (2003)
Tell It from the Heart (2003)
Serious Times (2004)
Jah Words (2005)
Gideon (2005)
Child of a King (2006)
God Is Greater than Man (2007)
Jah Is My Navigator (2008)
United States of Africa (2010)
Write My Name (2010)
Rub-A-Dub Market (2011)
The Qabalah Man (2013)
Zion Awake (2014)
Embrace Your Failures (2017)
In The Name of Love (2019)
The Answer (2020)

June 16 @ 03:00
03:00 — 04:00 (1h)