Link & Chain

Link & Chain is a band of brothers that have been harmonizing together and co-writing their songs for decades since their early days in the seaside town of Port Maria, located in St. Mary Parish, eastern Jamaica. The name was chosen because of its significance to the struggle of the ancestors, also symbolizing the unity of coming together & holding strong like links on a chain. 

The quartet, formed in 1986, comprises Dwight Campbell “Ta Seti”, Paul Williams “Congo Paul”, Trevor Douglas “Kasha” and Oneil Griffiths “IceCold”. Inspired by their Rastafari faith, they write their own unique spiritual, danceable music designed to uplift, educate and entertain. 

They are one of the last groups to have worked with producer Lawrence “Jack Ruby” Lindo, best known for producing Burning Spear’s classic Marcus Garvey album. Their first two singles released in 2015 were “New Day Revisited” and “Fix the Roof.” 

In 2021, Link & Chain released singles “Ready” and “Don’t Do That”. The band explained that the latter tune is in response to the situation of youth gun violence in Jamaica. “It’s been like that for many years and it’s perpetual. We’re here now trying to encourage the youths to develop the ability to reason instead of shooting each other.”

Their 2022 single, the very relatable “Guide Me Jah” is very much about what its title implies – a genuine plea to the heavens above, to keep us all on the straight and narrow path as we’re living here on earth. “Dirty Works” and “Let Your Light Shine” followed in the same year.

Link & Chain had a prolific year in 2023, releasing the singles “Oppression”, “Conscious” and “Hitchhiking” and touring in the US.

With their naturally humble persona, warm harmonies, thought-provoking lyricism, and heavyweight sound, Link & Chain is sure to uplift the massive at SNWMF 2024! Let’s give them a very warm welcome!

June 16 @ 15:00
15:00 — 16:00 (1h)